An African Love Song


Against the green sky are blue cones,

hudding, like pookoo up on a hill,

From the restless mutter of the forest

and the murmur of the river.



This is the home of my love,

whose beauties are sung by the mosquitoes

by night

and danced by the flies

by day.



(High tenor chant.)

I have feasted upon venison and fish,

yams roasted and wild orange!

I have drunk of the wine of the palm,

and made merry to the sound of drums upon the hill!




Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



For they have prepared against the coming of my love

a bed of young grass from the softest flanks of the river!

While I have anointed my body

In the smoke of the greenwood fire!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



My love walks like unto a leopard stalking buck!

And her belly is as smooth and as round

as yonder river rock!

Did you hear that monkey chatter?

Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



Her legs are like young palm trees whispering!

Her thighs are as soft as the kernel of the baobab!

Supple is she as the neck of a young giraffe!

Did you hear that hippo snort?

Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



And her breasts are like unto small ant hills!

Her eyes are two storm-veiled moons,

and her flesh is as cool and as smooth as a banana frond!

Did you hear the jealous knight-hawk screech?

Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



The complexion of my love is woven from forest shadows,

and her teeth were stolen from a baby crocodile!

Did you hear that big one flop?

Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



Her hair is crisp like unto young mealies between the teeth,

and her nose is exquisitely flattened like a wild plum!

Did you hear the parrot scream?

Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



My love sits beside me upon the bridal couch!

Her touch is like a green grass snake!

Did you hear the welcome of the frogs?

Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



Her acrid smell is more pungent than the greenwood smoke,

and far sweeter than the wild honey of the country of the M’Xosa!

Did you hear the cricket shrilling?

Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



Her chines are as firm as the filled bladder of a kid,

and smoother than an elephant’s tusk!

Did you hear the hyena swear?

Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



Her love song blends in harmony

with a jealous lion’s roar!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



Her clutch is like an orchid!

Ehh! the mosquitoes bite!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!

Wei-walli! …… Ow!



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