Glints of and October Opal.

I have such a swelled head over the excellence of this number that I am afraid to talk about it. Remember what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar and King Herod?

However, my birthday is in October, so I hope every reader of this number who has not already subscribed for a year will do so. It’s worth it. We shall not let the standard down.

The November number will be perfectly wonderful.

There’s one of the best of the Simon Iff stories — a tale of a bank robbery. I’m not sure that it isn’t the most exciting of the whole series. It certainly has got action — ever see a Battery Mule in a panic?

Then there’s another of the great Mark Wells stories of the golden past — one, by the way, with a very strong application to the affairs of to-day.

The Mark Wells stories of Pagan times are all true stories in the highest sense of the word. That is, they make these periods live again before the reader’s eyes. The customs and beliefs which they describe are authentic, on the authority of the greatest of all archaeologists, Dr. J. G. Frazer, Lilt. D., whose classic, “The Golden Bough,” is Mr. Wells’ chief source of information.

We have, too, a startling article on Shakespeare by Dr. Louis Wilkinson — Shakespeare as Rebel, Aristocrat and Pessimist. And we have the concluding section of the Revival of Magick — with more to follow. And we have quite a number of other good things — and the trouble is that we don’t want to announce them, because it is so hard to decide to hold any one of them over.

Now do help us to increase the size of this magazine to forty-eight pages. There isn’t another International in the world, and there never will be. We have a new point of view, the rarest and most beautiful thing that exists. To read the International is a liberal education, and the best of it is that it is all done by kindness!


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