Last Night

Within a dim and starlit room last night,
Your heart to mine, astir like frightened wings,
Your dear lips saying mad, enchanting things,

I saw your strange eyes fill with faery light.


And suddenly I slipped from out To-day
And we were in some green and moon-mad place,
And as you smiled, and bent to kiss my face,

I knew that, somehow, we had found the way


Back to a Pagan passion and desire,
Back to an Age of golden, free-limbed Youth,
All Song and Rapture and courageous Truth,

The world at Springtide — and the night on fire.


And we were bound no more by Time and Space,
No longer slaves of Subterfuge and Man,
And you who held me in your arms were Pan,

And I a dryad crushed in your embrace!


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