(From Baudelaire)

Most dear, most fair, Hilarion,
That fillst mine heart with light and glee,

Angel, immortal eidolon,
All hail in immortality!

She permeates my life like air
Intoxicated with its brine,

And to my thirsty soul doth bear
Deep draughts of the eternal wine.

Exhaustless censer that makes sly
The air of some dim-lit recess,

Censer that smoulders secretly
To fill the night with wantonness,

Love incorruptible, my works
Are void; thy truth is over art.

Musk-grain invisible that lurks
In mine eternity’s inmost heart!

Most pure, most fair, Hilarion,
That fillst my life with health and glee,

Angel, immortal eidolon,
All hail in immortality!

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