Issue 11, November 1917

The International, Volume XI Issue 11, November 1917 at Hermetic Library

The International, Volume XI Issue 11

Contents Author Page
The Editor Boosts the Next Number 321
(edition and copyright statement) 321
Humanity First Aleister Crowley 322
The Scrutinies of Simon Iff. No. 3. Outside the Bank’s RoutineEdward Kelly 323
Sekhet Adam D'as 331
The Revival of Magick The Master Therion 332
Flowers Ernest MCGaffey 333
Hymn Charles Baudelaire 333
The Hearth Mark Wells 334
Pan Vincent Starrett 338
Ireland Faith Baldwin 338
The Rake's Progress (A.C.) 339
The Philosophy of Militarism George Sylvester Viereck340
Shakespeare: Rebel, Aristocrat and Pessimist Louis U. Wilkinson 343
How Horoscopes Are Faked Cor Scorpionis 345
An Altered Circumstance Alexander Harvey 346
The Professor and the Plutocrat S. J. Mill 348
A Comedy of Disillusion Joseph B. Rethy 349
A Glimpse into the Theatres 350
Music 350
The Gate of Knowledge 351
Songs of Manhattan Morris A. Beer 351


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