Forecast for the Month of January

It is fitting that the new year should usher in a newer, brighter and greater International. The International is always ahead of time. Instead of being a magazine of the past it is a magazine of the future. The Simon Iff stories symbolize the quality of thought and expression which sets the International so uniquely apart from its contemporaries. Just as Simon Iff is far in advance of the modern detective, so the International takes its place in the vanguard of the new literature, the new freedom.

The January Simon Iff story is not in fact a story at all. It is a slice of that mysterious life in which terrible crimes are committed for reasons which lie deep in the subconsciousness of their perpetrators. Do you remember the first time that you read Edgar Allan Poe’s stories? Do you remember the thrill and the shock and the horror produced by Poe’s tales? You will have that same feeling after finishing the January Simon Iff tale.

We promised you “The Heart of Holy Russia” for December, but you will like it all the more in January. For it will help you to understand the Bolsheviki, the Maximalists, the Grand Dukes, Kerensky. In short, you will gain an understanding of that palpitating life which lies behind the dramatic movements now rending Russia. Do you know that St. Basil and Ivan Veliky, which helped to make Moscow the greatest of all the wonders of the world, have just been destroyed?

Geomancy is a science enabling those who understand its secrets to divine the future, to understand the past. It will answer any questions. One man became a millionaire after mastering this simple yet fascinating science.

A new story by Mark Wells has even stirred our printer. “You’ve got to hand it to him,” said this untutored toiler after reading Mr. Wells’ masterpiece. The story explains how a dainty little woman ruled a savage king without paying the usual price, and imposed on him the civilization of her conquered race.

“At the Feet of Our Lady of Darkness” reveals the soul of a Franco-Egyptian girl well known in London and Paris.

The Master Therion speaks confidentially to his disciples throughout the world. In the “Message” and the “Law of Liberty” he gives utterance to an immensely important matter, important to you, too.

Besides these magnificent contributions there are many other delightful articles, poems and stories. You will like them all.

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