Issue 12, December 1917

The International, Volume XI Issue 12, December 1917 at Hermetic Library

The International, Volume XI Issue 12

Contents Author Page
Forecast for the Month of January 353
We Stand Above Aleister Crowley 354
The Scrutinies of Simon Iff. No. 4. The Conduct of John Briggs Edward Kelly 355
Nqo Charles Beadle 361
Concerning Death Baphomet 365
Pax Hominibus Bonae Voluntatis A. C. 366
The Box of Counters Hans Heinz Ewers 368
A Septennial Aleister Crowley 376
Inspired Bureaucracy George Sylvester Viereck377
Art and Clairvoyance J. Turner 379
Barnard's Lincoln Unvisited 379
A Riddle Aleister Crowley 379
The Plaint of Eve George Sylvester Viereck380
Auguste Rodin 381
Music of the Month “Haute Boy” 381
Drama as She Is Played 382
The Gate of Knowledge 383-384
The International Forum 383-384
More War Poetry 384
Portrait of a Jackal George Sylvester Viereck384


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