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1123 Broadway, New York City. Telephone, Farragut 9777. Cable address, Viereck, New York.

President, George Sylvester Viereck; Vice-President, Joseph Bernard Rethy; Treasurer, K. Bombard; Secretary, Curt H. Reisenger.

Terms of Subscription, including postage, in the United States and Mexico: $1.50 per year; $0.80 for six month. Subscription to all foreign countries within the postal union, $1.85 per year. Single copies, 15 cents.

Newsdealers and Agents throughout the country supplied by the American News Company or any of its branches.

Entered at the Post Office at New York as second class matter.

Manuscripts addressed to the Editor, if accompanied by return postage and found unavail- able, will be returned. The Editor, however, accepts no responsibility for unsolicited contributions.

Copyright, 1917, by the International Monthly, Inc.

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