Issue 4, April 1918

The International, Volume XII Issue 4, April 1918 at Hermetic Library

The International, Volume XII Issue 4

Contents Author Page
To Our Readers 97
Atthis at Leukatas Faith Baldwin 98
The King of the Wood Mark Wells 99
Le Sacrament Jeanne La Goulue 102
Robbing Miss Horniman Aleister Crowley 103
The Suburbanite; and The Riddle Helen Woljeska 106
The Old Man of the Peepul-tree James Grahame 107
The Ideal Idol Cyril Custance 110
The Call of the Sea S. J. Alexander 111
Irritability Dorothy Willis 112
Four Sonnets Vincent Starrett 113
A Pard-like Spirit Alexander Harvey 114
A Sonnet A. Newman 117
Visions Aleister Crowley 117
The Sage of Copenhagen George Sylvester Viereck118
A Doctor of Men Charles Beadle 121
The Bath David Rosenthal 121
Balance David Rosenthal 121
Shinto Shigetsu Sasaki 122
The Other Woman Ida Alexander 124
The Scarabee Aleister Crowley 125
The Tuscan Glory M. B. Levick 126
You Are a Rose David Rosenthal 126
The Drama — Eva TanguayAleister Crowley 127
Music Leila Waddell 128


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