Issue 5, May 1918

The International, Volume XII Issue 5, May 1918 at Hermetic Library

The International, Volume XII Issue 5

Contents Author Page
Announcement [Our Policy] 129
Slaves of the Drug Edwin Markham 130
Editorial 131
The Ragged Edge Hamilton Craigie 132
In the Dusk of the Day Maurice Relonde 136
Conventional Complacency Lindley M. Keasbey 139
Jack Biddle from Nowhere Ford Tarpley 141
Five Japanese Essays Yone Noguchi 144
Alastair Arcott 147
Illumination Dorothy Willis 148
Foreigners Tom Ransford 150
The Characteristic Gesture Alexander Harvey 152
Intellectual Drama George Sylvester Viereck154
An Interview with Auer Leila Bathurst 156
Some of the Latest and Best Books 158


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