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Liber Pyramidos sub figurâ DCLXXI

Liber Pyramidos sub figurâ DCLXXI

A Ritual of Self Initiation based upon the Formula of the Neophyte.

Liber Pyramidos sun figurâ DCLXXI

Sigillum Sanctum Fraternitatis A∴A∴

Publication in Class D.

The Magus with Wand. On the Altar are incense, Fire, Bread, Wine, the Chain, the Scourge, the Dagger & the Oil. In his left hand the Bell he taketh.

Hail! Asi! hail, Hoor-Apep! Let
The Silence speech beget! Two strokes on Bell.
Banishing Spiral Dance.
The Words against the Sons of Night
Tahuti speaketh in the Light.
Knowledge & Power, twin warriors, shake
The Invisible; they roll asunder
The Darkness; matter shines, a snake.
Sebek is smitten by the thunder–
The Light breaks forth from Under.

He goes to the West, in the centre of the base of the Triangle of THOTH (Maim), ASI (Aleph), & HOOR (Shin).

O Thou, the Apex of the Plane,
With Ibis head & Phoenix Wand
And Wings of Night! Whose serpents strain
Thou in the Light & in the Night!

He lays the Wand, etc., on the Altar, uses the Scourge on his buttocks, cuts a cross with the Daggar upon his breast & tightens the Chain of the Bell about his forehead, saying:

The Lustral Water! Smite thy flood
Through me–Lymph, marrow & blood! Annointing the Wounds, say
The Fire Informing! Let the Oil
Balance, assain, assoil! The Invoking Spiral Dance.
So Life takes Fire from Death, & runs
Whirling amid the Suns.
Hail, Asi! Pace the Path, bind on
The girdle of the Starry One!

Sign of the Enterer: Homage to Thee, Lord of the Word! Sign of Silence: Lord of Silence, Homage to Thee! Repeat both Signs: Lord we adore Thee, still & stirred Beyond Infinity. The Secret Word: MTzThBTzM–271 (Blue, Orange, Yellow-Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue)

For from the Silence of the Wand
Unto the Speaking of the Sword,
And back again to the Beyond,
This is the toil & the Reward.
This is the Path of HVA–Ho!
This is the Path of IAO. Bell.
Hail Asi! Hail, thou Wanded Wheel!
Alpha & Delta kissed & came
For five that feed the Flame. Bell.
Hail, Hoor-Apep! thou Sword of Steel!
Alpha & Delta & Epsilon
Met in the Shadow of the Pylon
And in Iota did proclaim
That tenfold core & crown of flame.
Hail, Hoor-Apep! Unspoken Name!
Thus is the Great Pyramid duly builded.

The Candidate still bound and hoodwinked. The First Pylon.

I know not who I am; I know not whence I came;
I know not whither I go; I seek–but What I do
not know!
I am blind & bound; but I have heard one cry
Ring through Eternity; Arise & follow me!

Asar Un-nefer! I invoke
The four-fold Horror of the Smoke.
Unloose the Pit! by the dread Word
Of Power–that Set-Typhon hath heard– SAZAZSAZAZADANATASANSAZAZ

(Pronounce this backwards. But it is very dangerous. It opens up the Gates of Hell.)

The Fear of Darkness & of Death
The Fear of Water & of Fire
The Fear of the Chasm & the Chain
The Fear of Hell & the dead Breath.
The Fear of Him, the Demon dire
That on the Threshold of the Inane
Stands with his Dragon Fear to slay
The Pilgrim of the Way.
Thus I pass by with Force & Care,
Advance with Fortitude & Wit,
In the straight Path, or else Their Snare
Were surely Infinite. The Passing of the Second Pylon.
(Suit action to words.)
Asar! who clutches at my throat?
Who pins me down? Who stabs my heart?
I am unfit to pass within this Pylon of the Hall of Maat.

Rubric as above. (The Fear….surely Infinite.)

The Lustral Water! Let thy flood
Cleanse me–lymph, marrow, & blood!
The Scourge, the Dagger & the Chain
Purge body, breast & brain!
The Fire Informing! Let the Oil
Balance, assain, assoil! Still in corpse–position.
For I am come with all this pain,
To ask admission to the Shrine.
I do not know why–I ask in vain–
Unless it be that I am Thine.
I am Mentu his truth-telling brother,
Who was Master of Thebes from my birth:–
O heart of me! heart of my mother!
O heart that I had upon the earth!
Stand not thou up against me as a witness!
Oppose me not, judge, in my quest!
Accuse me not now of unfitness
Before the great God, the dread Lord of the West!

(Change this part to your own motto.
Work the scansion correctly.)

Speak fair words for OU MH. May he flourish
In the place of the weighing of hearts
By the marsh of the dead, where the crocodiles nourish
Their lives on the lost, where the Serpent upstarts.
–For though I be joined to the Earth,
In the Innermost Shrine of Heaven am I.
I was Master of Thebes from my birth;
Shall I die like a dog? Thou shalt not let me die,
But my Khu that the teeth of the crocodiles sever
Shall be mighty in heaven for ever & ever!
Yea! but I am a fool, a flutterer!
I am under the Shadow of the Wings!

Refrain “I am under,” etc., after each accusation.

I am a liar & a sorcerer
I am so fickle that I scorn the bridle.
I am unchaste, voluptuous and idle.
I am a bully & a tyrant crass,
I am as dull & as stubborn as an ass;
I am untrusty, cruel & insane,
I am a fool & frivolous & vain.
I am a weakling & a coward; I cringe,
I am a catamite & cunnilinge.
I am a glutton, a besotted wight;
I am a satyr & a sodomite.
I am as changeful & selfish as the Sea.
I am a thing of vice & vanity.
I am not violent & I vaccilate,
I am a blind man & esmasculate.
I am a raging fire of wrath–no wiser!
I am a blackguard, spendthrift & a miser.
I am obscene & devious & null.
I am ungenerous & base & dull.
I am not marked with the white Flame of Breath.
I am a Traitor!–die the traitor's death!

This last raises Candidate erect.
Invoking Spiral Dance.
Rubric as before.

I am under the Shadow of the Wings.
Now let me pace the Path, bind on
The girdle of the Starry One!
Asar! k.t.l. In Northwest.
Soul–mastering Terror is thy name!
Lord of the Gods! Dread Lord of Hell! See Horus.
I am come. I fear Thee not. Thy flame
Is mine to weave my maiden spell!
I know Thee, & I pass Thee by.
For more that Thou am I!
Asar! k.t.l. (Rubric as usual.) In Southwest. See Isis.
Sorrow that eateth up the soul!
Dam of the Gods! The blue sky's Queen!
This is Thy Name. I come. Control
And Pass! I know Thee, Lady of Teeu!
know Thee & I pass Thee by.
For more than Thou am I!
Asar! k.t.l. (Rubric as usual.) In East. See Thoth. Silence
Asar! k.t.l. (Rubric as usual.) See Nature.
I will not look upon thee more,
For Fatal is Thy Name. Begone!
False Phantom, thou shalt pass before
The frowning forehead of the Sun.
I know Thee; & I pass thee by.
For more that Thou am I. Formulating Hexagram:
Now Witness YE upon the Earth,
Spirit & Water & Red Blood!
Witness Above, bright Babe of Birth,
Spirit, & Father–that are God! As babe in egg, being born.
For Silence duly is begot
And Darkness duly brought to bed;
The Shroud is figured in my Thought,
The Inmost Light is on my head. Unbind.
Attack! I eat up the strong lions. I!

Sign of the Enterer:

Fear is on Seb, on them that
dwell therein,
Behold the radient Vigour of the Lord! Sign of Silence:
Defense! I close the mouth of Sebek, ply
My fear on Nile, Asar that held not in!
Behold my radiant Peace, ye things abhorred
For see! The Gods have loosed mine hands:
Asar unfettered stands.
Hail, Asi, hail! Hoor-Apep cries–
Now I the Son of Man arise
And follow–dead where Asar lies!
Lies down in Sign of Hanged Man.
I gild my left foot with the Light.
I gild my Phallus with the Light.
I gild my right knee with the Light.
I gild my right foot with the Light.
I gild my left knee with the Light.
I gild my Phallus with the Light.
I gild my elbow with the Light.
I gild my navel with the Light.
I gild my heart wedge with the Light.
I gild my black throat with the Light.
I gild my forehead with the Light.
I gild my Phallus with the Light. Rising in Sign Mulier:
Asar Un-nefer! I am Thine,
Waiting Thy Glory in the shrine.
Thy bride, Thy virgin! Ah, my Lord.
Smite through the Spirit with Thy Sword!
Asar Un-nefer! rise in me,
The chosen catamite of Thee!
Come! Ah, come now! I wait, I wait,
Patient–impatient slave of Fate,
Bought by Thy glance–Come now! come now!
Touch & inform this burning brow.
Asar Un-nefer! in the shrine,
Make Thou me wholly Thine! Remove hoodwink.
I am Asar–worthy alone
To sit upon the Double Throne.
Attack is mine & mine defence.
And these are one. Arise, go hence!
For I am Master of my Fate,
Wholly Initiate. The Secret Word.
The Words are spoken duly. The deeds are duly done.
My soul is risen newly to greet the risen Sun.

Bell accordingly.

One! Four! Five! Ten! All Hail!
One! Four! Five! Ten! All Hail!

Signs accordingly.

I give the sign that rends the Veil.
The sign that closes up the Veil.

Proceed as in the Building, unto the the word “Suns.”
The Banishing Spiral Dance.
Now let mine hands unloose the sweet
And shining girdle of Nuit! The Adorations & the Word.

Then at the Altar.

Behold! the Perfect One hath said
Tried & found pure, a golden spoil.
These are my body's elements Act accordingly.
Incense & Wine & Fire & Bread
These I consume, true Sacraments,
For the Perfection of the Oil
For I am clothed about with flesh
And I am the Eternal Spirit.
I am the Lord that riseth fresh
From Death, whose glory I inherit
Since I partake with him. I am
The Manifestor of the Unseen.
Without me all the land of Khem
Is as if it had not been. Proceed as in Building to end.
Hail, Hoor! Hail, Asi! Hail, Tahuti! Hail,
Asar Un-nefer! through the rended Veil.
I am Thyself, with all Thy brilliance decked–


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