Metadata » Aleister Crowley » Libers » Liber Testis Testitudinis vel ע ד sub figurâ LXXIV

Concordance » Aleister Crowley » Libers » Liber Testis Testitudinis vel ע ד sub figurâ LXXIV

Aleister Crowley » Libers » Liber Testis Testitudinis vel ע ד sub figurâ LXXIV

Liber Testis Testitudinis vel ע ד sub figurâ LXXIV

Liber Testis Testitudinis
vel ע ד
sub figurâ LXXIV

Liber Testis Testitudinis vel ע ד sub figurâ LXXIV
Sigillum Sanctum Fraternitatis A∴A∴

Publication in Class D.

11. Let him bind himself by an Oath Magically, since that he is the Telesma and Pantacle of his own Nature by Will. And his Word is the Expression of him; therefore let his Word bear Witness unto himself.

10. Now then seeing that he is of the Kingdom of God, a Star in the Body of Nuit, in whose core flameth Hadit, let him utter no Word wherein is not the Witness to the Kingdom of God, that is unto him as his Carapace unto the Tortoise.

9. Also, his Foundation is God, the Balance of Change and Stability; wherefore let each Word of him be diverse in Form, but one in………, bearing Witness unto God.

8. Now because the Splendour of God is the Light of the Universe, let him in every Word bear Witness to that Splendour. Yet, because the ears of men are dull, he shall veil the Splendour of his Word, hiding his Thought in common speech even after the Fashion of this Book.

7. Also, let that Grace of God which is Love, and clotheth Him as with a vesture, inform his speech with gentleness and with softness of tone, for a Witness unto Love.

6. Moreover, being perpetually conscious of the Beauty of the Universe and its Harmony, being fixed (an it may be) in the Beatific Vision, let him be constant to bear Witness unto the Delight and Ecstasy thereof thereof in every Word that he may utter.

5. Oh my brethren! let Him extol the Might of God and bear Witness thereto in every Word; for it is Blindness of the Black Brotherhood that perceiveth not His Judgement, that it is Almighty and Infallible. Be therefore wary and alert, chastising each and every Infraction of thine Oath in the Manner appointed in Our Book whose Number is Three.

4. Let him be mindful of the Manifest Symbol of the Father-Mother in the Heaven called Righteousness, and bear Witness in every Word to that Mercy and Magnificence; jublilant in spirit, glorifying God.

3. Let his Word bear Witness to the Comprehension of All things, as it is taught in the City of the Pyramids under the Night of Pan.

2. Let his Word bear Witness to the Wisdom that hath framed all within itself unto these Manifestions aforesaid, exalting in his own Will of Creation, that is alike Part and Whole thereof.

1. Let his Word bear Witness to the Existence of God within Him and without; for there is nothing in the Universe that is not God.

0. Finally, because his Word is itself God, as I have declared, let him not in this Practice study to keep Silence, but rather to multiply his speech, alike with the idle as with the consecrated, answering also the curious and not the true seeker alone; so that his Witness may go forth to the world, as a new Star blazing suddenly in the Heavens, exciting his Kindred that are the Seed of God; yea, verily, the Seed of God.


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