Liber Viarum Viæ sub figurâ DCCCLXVIII

Liber Viarum Viæ sub figurâ DCCCLXVIII

Liber Viarum Viæ sub figurâ DCCCLXVIII

Publication in Class B.

Imprimatur: N. Fra A∴ A∴

21. Nine
ת The Formulation of the Body of Light. Liber O.
20. ש The Passage of the King’s Chamber. Liber H H H.
19. ר The Illumination of the Sphere. Liber H H H.
18. ק The Divining of Destiny. Liber Memoriæ Viæ CMXIII.
17. צ The Adoration under the Starry Heaven. Liber XI, NV (from Liber CCXX).
16. פ The Destruction of the House of God. Liber XVI.
15. ע The Sabbath of the Adepts. Liber CCCLXX
14. ס Skrying in the Spirit Vision: The Ladder of Jacob. Liber O.
13. נ The Preparation of the Corpse for the Tomb. Liber XXV.
12. Seven
M. T.
מ The Sleep of Siloam. Liber CDLI.
8. ל The Protection of the Sphere. Liber O
10. כ The Evocation of the Mighty Ones. Liber
9. י The Absorption of the Emanations. Liber DCCCXI.
11. ט The Passing of the Hall of the Balances. Liber XXX.
7. ח The Ritual of the Holy Graal. Liber CLVI.
6. ז The Utterance of the Pythoness. Liber MCXXXIX.
5. Three
ו The Forthcoming of the Hierophant. Liber VIII. (8th Æthyr in Liber 418).
4. ה The Formulation of the Flaming Star. Liber V.
3. ד The Incarnation of the Inmost Light. Liber DLV HAD (from Liber CCXX)
2. Three
ג The Supreme Ecstasy of Purity. Liber LXXIII.
1. ב The Universal Affirmations and Denials. Liber B (I.).
0. א The transcending of all these; yea, the transcending of all these.

Seven Inferiors: Seven Superiors: Seven above All:
and Seven Interpretations of every Word.


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