The Ritual of Consecration of an High Priest of L.I.L.

Let the forces of Jupiter be invoked by the hexagram in a temple purified by the elements. Let the Spirit be also invoked.

The temple has: in the South, a Coffin: in the E(ast), a lamp or flaming bowl; in the W(est), a Sword; in the N(orth), a bowl of bitterly cold alcohol. In the centre, an altar with the Star of magick Light: N,S,E,W are salt, fire, rose water

The opening being finished, let the doors be opened; and let the Introducing Adept admit the Candidate, his hands bound and his eyes blinded. Follows the Ritual

A. Who art thou?
C. _____, in darkness and slavery which I have voluntarily taken myself; that I may bring Light and Liberty to others.
A.Whence comest thou?
C. From the Place of the Meditations.
A. Whither goest thou?
C. To the Place of the Tryings.
A. Art thou furnished for the journey?
C. I am naked, and poor, and miserable.
A. Hast thou nought to sacrifice unto the guardians of the Ways?
C. The Breath of my Nostrils, the Flesh of my Body, the Tears of mine Eyes and the Blood of my Heart.
A. Add thou thereto the Silence of Thy Tongue.
Let the Purification be performed.

(Ritual J is solemnly recited of C.)

A. Thou hast signed the Oath of thine Obligation: art thou now ready to confirm its provision in this Presence?
C. I am.

(C. is led to foot of Altar and kneels. His hands are unbound; they are placed around the lamp in the centre, as if ready to support it. The Oath is then taken.)

A. Knowest thou the Force of the name I H V H ?
C. At this name the Elements are moved.
A. Thy Name is the Child of the Children of the Elements: In This Name Tetragrammaton dost thou trust?
C. It is written: It is better to trust in Tetragrammaton than to put confidence in Princes.
A. The River Kishon swept then away: that ancient river, the River Kishon. The lord is a Man of War: the Lord of Hosts is his name.
The Dukes of Adom were amazed: trembling took hold of the Mighty in Moab. Lord, when thou wentest out of Seir; when thou marchedst out of the field of Adom! He bowed the Heavens also and came down, and Darkness was under His feet; at the Brightness that was before Him the thick clouds passed: hailstones and coals of fire Tetragrammaton thundered through the Heavens and the Mighty One gave forth His Voice hailstones and coals of fire! He sent out his arrows and scattered then; He hurled forth His lightnings and destroyed them. At Thy Rebuke, Oh Lord! At the blast of the Breath of Thy Nostrils! The Voice of Thy Thunder was in the Heavens: the Lightnings lightened the World: the Earth trembled and shook!
Oh Lord I have heard thy Speech and was afraid. The Voice of the Lord is upon the Waters! The God of Glory thundereth! The Lord is upon many waters! The Voice of the Lord is powerful! The Voice of the Lord is full of Majesty! The Voice of the Lord breaketh the cedars: yea, the Lord breaketh the cedars of Lebanon. The Voice of the Lord is full of Majesty! The Voice of the Lord divideth the Flames of Fire! The Voice of the Lord shaketh the Wilderness! Yea! the Lord shaketh the Wilderness of Kedar.
Before Him went the Pestilence: and Flaming Fire went forth at his feet. He stood and measured the Earth! He beheld and drove asunder the Nations. And the Everlasing Mountains were scattered: the Perpetual Hills did bow!
Ateh Gibor le-Olahm, Adonai. Let Power be ascribed unto the name I H V H.

(Candidate is led to S(outh) and his r(ight) h(and) burnt with Fire).

I said: Is not the Fire mine, and the Inhabitants thereof? Hear then the Voice of the Fire.

(Recite Prayer of Salamanders)

(C. to W. and his l(eft) h(and) placed in freezing mixture)

It is written: Who shall abide His frost?

(Recite Prayer of Undines. C(andidate) to E. and blood drawn from heart)

The Word of Tetragrammaton is a sharp sword: the Breath of the Lord divideth the reins of men.

(Recite Prayer of Sylphs. C. to W. placed in coffin and closed up)

As for man, his days are as grass, as a flower he flourisheth: dust thou art, and to dust shalt thou return.

(Recite Prayer of Gnomes.)

And I heard a Great Voice out of Heaven saying: It is the Word of Tetragrammaton: it is the speech of I H V H. Seal up the Book: for the Name is written and the Word vibrated. And I said: “What is the Name?” And a great thunder rose up and roared and in its echo was the Name of Death.

! (Note. This means knock?)

And I saw in the Midst as it were a Lamb slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent forth unto all the world. And the Four Beasts and the Four and Twenty Elders fell down, saying “Thou art worthy to take the Book, and to open the Seals thereof: for Thou hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred people and nation and hast made us unto our God Kings and Priests!”
Let the Dead rise from their tombs!
For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive! the first man is of the earth, earthy: the Second Man is the Lord from Heaven! The first man Adam was made a loving soul: the last Adam a quickening spirit1
Let the dead rise from their tombs!
I AM, the Resurrection and the Life! I am He that liveth and was dead: and behold I am alive for evermore AMEN and have the Keys of Hell and of Death.
Let the dead rise from their tombs.

(Three times) In the name of Osiris, I say unto Thee, Arise!

(C. is assisted to kneel at altar.)

Awake thou that sleepest and rise from among the death (sic. T.): and Christ shall give thee Light. (Unbandage C's eyes).

Lux Umbra Kristi
Phos Logos Uiou (in Greek. T.).
Dawn Promise of Light
L.P.D.: L.V.X.: the Flaming Star of Light!

I now clothe thee with the Robe and Crown of the High Priest: I bestow on Thee the consecrated Wand.
The Grand Word is L.P.D. answered by L.V.X. The secret meaning of the first is “the Blood of the Lamb”. For the Greek Letters L P D combined give [fire triangle atop a W] D M in Coptic, and these again give the Hebrew Word “Dam”, blood, which by Temurah yield Car = Lamb. L.V.X. is the mystic expansion of the Cross or Hebrew Tau and if this letter is inserted in the midst of Car we have KThR (in Hebrew script. T.) Kether the Crown.
The Age of the Priesthood is 114 years, from L.P.D. (Hebrew script. T) and it refers to the mourning of Isis over the Slain Osiris, that is, to the lamentation of the priesthood over their country. For Daleth Mem Ayin (Hebrew script.T) means “tear”. The Corresponding Sign of Greeting: The Priests weep or sigh heavily. The Answer is 65 and the elder Priest is glad, saying “Adonai hath shone in His Palace”, the other is glad also, and replies “Keep Silence”.
But the Sign of True Esotericism is thus given.
The first priest looks to heaven saying “I watch”.
The second, holding his hands as if to shield a flame: “I work”.
The first, looking to earth, “I weep”.
The second, pointing to heaven, “It beams”.
The first, as shielding a flame, “It burns!”

Both Priests then give the grip: each places his arms around the neck of the other, arms straight, thus forming a hexagram; both look to heaven: they slowly lower their eyes and when they meet, the arms are crossed on the breast, and both bow profoundly.
The Pass-Word is changed annually; it is at present _____.
By virtue of which mystic Words and Signs I now declare thee fitted to sacrifice before the Most High: for in the name of Jeheshua art thou admitted to the mysteries hereof. Sacrifice thou therefore the four into the One. Cast this limpid fluid into the bowl; light thereon the flame: place the incense and the salt therein~~! (Done.)

Let the Spirit of the Gods descend! (C. kneels).

I finally invoke upon Thee the Light Divine in the divine Name Jeheshua Jehovashah - and lo! I saw you to the end!
By the virtue of the Name Osiris, in the Divine Name I A O, I say “Receive Thou the Holy Ghost! Whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven: whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven!”
Arise, High Priest of_____for by this Name I call thee. Hail unto ye, O ye Great Gods of Heaven! Give me your hands, for this One is made as ye! Who is this that hath passed under the power of the Name? Who is he that cometh triumphant from the trials? Hail unto thee, O Thoth! Is not his name written in thy book of Life? (High Priest led to East.)
This is thy blood, the symbol of thy life. It shall be for a sign, that thou hast shed it willingly for men; or, if thou failest in thine oath, it shall be a practical and material link whereby the Chiefs of the Order shall the more speedily and easily execute vengeance upon Thee - yea - unto the Uttermost.
Return then to the Altar and kneel in humble prayer unto the Gods, that they may hold thee in their hands to keep thee in all thy ways.

(Done, while Initiator chants “Seigneur, delivre-moi”)

Est, sit, esto, fiat!
Ad Virginis Fructifictionem
Ad Gloriam Roseae Crucis
Ad Matris Amorem
Ad Patris Vitam
Ad Lucem; ad Gloriam
Tui Nominis Ineffabilis


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