Not the Life of Sir Roger Bloxam

Not the Life of Sir Roger Bloxam by Aleister Crowley at Hermetic Library

Not the Life of Sir Roger Bloxam

By Aleister Crowley

Shortly after his arrival in New York, Crowley recorded in his diary his hope of attracting to himself a man like Jerome Pollitt, the love of his Cambridge youth. In his picaresque novel Not the Life and Adventures of Sir Roger Bloxam—written in the period 1916–1917 and described by Crowley as a “Novelissim” (innovative curiosity)—Crowley offered a disguised paean to Pollitt that echoed his love poems in the pseudonymous Scented Garden 1910.

– Laurence Sutin, Do what thou wilt: a life of Aleister Crowley, p 245


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