The Cry of the 30th Æthyr Which is Called TEX1

I AM in a vast crystal cube in the form of the Great God Harpocrates. This cube is surrounded by a sphere2. About me are four archangels in black robes, their wings and armour lined out in white.

In the North3 is a book on whose back and front are A.M.B.Z.4 in Enochian characters. (zbma)

Within it is written:

I AM, the surrounding of the four.

Lift up your heads, O Houses of Eternity: for my Father goeth forth to judge the World. One Light, let it become a thousand, and one sword ten thousand, that no man hide him from my Father's eye in the Day of Judgment of my God. Let the Gods hide themselves: let the Angels be troubled and flee away: for the Eye of My Father is open, and the Book of the Aeons is fallen.

Arise! Arise! Arise! Let the Light of the Sight of Time be extinguished: let the Darkness cover all things: for my Father goeth forth to seek a spouse to replace her who is fallen and defiled.

Seal the book with the seals of the Stars Concealed: for the Rivers have rushed together and the Name הוהי is broken in a thousand pieces (against the Cubic Stone).

Tremble ye, O Pillars of the Universe5, for Eternity is in travail of a Terrible Child; she shall bring forth an universe of Darkness, whence shall leap forth a spark that shall put his father to flight.

The Obelisks are broken; the stars have rushed together: the Light hath plunged into the Abyss: the Heavens are mixed with Hell.

My Father shall not hear their Noise: His ears are closed: His eyes are covered with the clouds of Night.

The End! the End! the End: For the Eye of Shiva He hath opened: the Universe is naked before Him: for the Aeon of Saturn leaneth toward the Bosom of Death6.

[Figure: This is an isosceles triangle with height about 7 times the base. It extends with base on a true vertical from the left. A line extends vertically upward from the apex, equal to the length of the base. A trefoliate of three isosceles triangles of base slightly smaller than the first triangle and sides equal to the first triangle is created at the upper tip of the line. The tree component triangles of the terfolate meet the upper tip of the line with their apices — one vertically and two to right and left.]7

The Angel of the East8 hath a book of red written in letters of Blue A.B.F.M.A.9 in Enochian (amfba). The Book grows before my eyes and filleth the Whole Heaven.

Within: “It is Written, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord Thy God.”

I see above the Book a multitude of white-robed Ones from whom droppeth a great rain of Blood10; but above them is a Golden Sun, having an eye, whence a great Light11.

I turned me to the South12: and read therein:

Seal up the Book! Speak not that which thou seest and reveal it unto none: for the ear is not framed that shall hear it: nor the tongue that can speak it!

O Lord God, blessed, blessed, blessed be Thou for ever!

Thy Shadow is as great Light.

Thy Name is as the Breath of Love across all Worlds.

[Figure: This is a swastika or fylfot cross. It is widdershins, with each bend going to the right when viewed down one arm from the center. All elements are either vertical or horizontal, none diagonal.]13

(A vast Svastika is shewn unto me behind the Angel with the Book.)

Rend your garments, O ye clouds! Uncover yourselves! for the Love of My Son!

Who are they that trouble thee?

Who are they that slew thee?

O Light! Come thou, who art joined with me to bruise the Dragon's head.14 We, who are wedded, and the Earth perceiveth it not!

O that Our Bed were seen of Men, that they might rejoice in My Fertility: that My Sister might partake of My Great Light.

O Light of God, when wilt thou find the heart of man — write not! I would not that men know the Sorrow of my Heart, Amen!

I turned me to the West,15 and the Archangel bore a flaming Book, on which was written AN16 in Enochian (na). Within was drawn a fiery scorpion, yet cold withal.17

Until the Book of the East be opened!

Until the hour sound!

Until the Voice vibrate!

Until it pierce my Depth;

Look not on High!

Look not Beneath!

For thou wilt find a life which is as Death: or a Death which should be infinite.

For Thou art submitted to the Four: Five thou shalt find, but Seven is lone and far18.

For she is “lone and far”, i.e., beyond the Abyss.

O Lord God, let Thy Spirit hither unto me!

For I am lost in the night of infinite pain: no hope: no God: no resurrection: no end: I fall: I fear.

O Saviour of the World, bruise Thou my Head with Thy foot to save the world, that once again I touch Him whom I slew, that in my death I feel the radiance and the heat of the moving of Thy Robes!

Let us alone! What have we to do with Thee, Thou Jesus of Nazareth?

Go! Go!

If I keep silence — Or if I speak each word is anguish without hope.

And I heard the Aethyr cry aloud “Return! Return! Return! For the work is ended; and the Book is shut; and let the glory be to God the Blessed for ever in the Aeons, Amen.” Thus far is the voice of TEX and no more.


1 TEX♌♍A

2 TEXcf. AL, II, 7

3 TEXNorth: Destruction = the Old Formula is abrogated.

4 TEX♉♒♈♌. The Forthsaying of the New Aeon.

5 TEXcf. AL, III, 71. Also LIL.

6 TEX♄ = 400 Death = 50 400 + 50 = 450 ΝΥ etc.

7 TEXRepresents the formula of Drawing all to a point: whence blooms erect a Triple Triad.

8 TEXEast. Adepts: cleansed of their Blood, and brought to Light. = There is a way to light through giving up one's Blood. (See 12th Aethyr)

9 TEX♉♈☋♒♉ = Opening of New Aeon.

10 TEXSymbolism of the Cup of Babalon.

11 TEXThis refers to Kether — Horus.

12 TEXSouth. Silence. Marriage in Binah. = This leads to the Rapture of the Ineffable Union. Closing of Old Aeon.

13 TEXThe Swastika has 17 squares out of 25, The Pentagram, or Human square. It is also א = Harpocrates, Bacchus Diphues, Parzival, etc., the Pure Fool, the Wanderer, who weds the King's Daughter.

14 TEXMeans the Stooping Dragon (see 4 = 7 ritual): but also the phrase = break the Maidenhead of Draco (Nuit).

15 TEXWest. Fate (Refusing Initiation.) = The alternative is despair — of loneliness.

16 TEX♉♏ AN (Hebrew) means Pain: NA = Failure. These = 51 = 3×17. Note the Three Vibrations as spoiling the ideas of 17 (IAC). The Doom of the Old Aeon.

17 TEX♏ = נ = Fish = Jesus.

18 TEXTetragrammaton — the blind forces of the Elements — bind the Uninitiate. He may attain to the Pentagram — Jeheshua —the Man Master of those Elements. But he cannot reach Seven — Babalon. (See Sigil of A∴ A∴ 77 + 7 + 7 + 77 = 156 Babalon)

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