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You crown me king and queen. There is a name
For whose soft sound I would abandon all
This pomp. I liefer would have had you call

Some soft sweet title of beloved shame.

Gold coronets be seemly, but bright flame
I choose for diadem; I would let fall
All crowns, all kingdoms, for one rhythmical

Caress of thine, one kiss my soul to tame.


You crown me king and queen; I crown thee lover!
I bid thee hasten, nay, I plead with thee,

Come in the thick dear darkness to my bed.

Heed not my sighs, but eagerly uncover,
As our mouths mingle, my sweet infamy,

And rob thy lover of his maidenhead.


Lie close; no pity, but a little love.
Kiss me but once and all my pain is paid.

Hurt me or soothe, stretch out one limb above
Like a strong man who would constrain a maid.

Touch me; I shudder and my lips turn back
Over my shoulder if so be that thus

My mouth may find thy mouth, if aught there lack
To thy desire, till love is one with us. [11]


God! I shall faint with pain, I hide my face
For shame. I am disturbed, I cannot rise,

I breathe hard with thy breath; thy quick embrace
Crushes; thy teeth are agony - pain dies

In deadly passion. Ah! you come - you kill me!
Christ! God! Bite! Bite! Ah Bite! Love’s fountains fill me. [12]


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