The Winged Beetle

The Winged Beetle by Aleister Crowley


“There is a budding morrow in midnight”


  • Rosa Coeli. To my wife
  • Abjad-i-al’ain. To the memory of “Alain Lutiy”
  • The Hermit. To Cecil Jones
  • The Wizard Way. To J. F. C. Fuller
  • The Wings. To Dot
  • The Garden of Janus. To V. B. Neuburg
  • The Two Secrets. To Mary Waska
  • The Priestess of Panormita. To Hilda Howard
  • The Hawk and the Babe. To Raymond Radclyffe
  • The Duellists. To Norah Moore
  • Athor and Asar. To Frank Harris
  • After Judgment. To Ophelia L—–
  • The Five Adorations. To Gerald Pinsent
  • Telepathy. To Euphemia L—–
  • The Swimmer. To Norman Mudd
  • The Muse. To Kathleen —–
  • The God and the Girl. To Dorothy L—–
  • Rosemary. To the memory of “Hippolytus”
  • Au Bal. To Horace Sheridan-Bickers
  • Disappointment. Toadie B—–
  • The Octopus. To my mother
  • Bathyllus. To Sliman bin Chirch
  • The Mantra-Yogi. To Reginald Haselden
  • The Poet and his Muse. To L. K—–
  • Lilith. To L. K—–
  • Sport and Marriage. To my Wife
  • The Twins. To A. O. Spare
  • The Convert. To Millicent Tobias
  • The Sorceress. To L. I.
  • The Child. To Lord A—–
  • Clytie. To L. K—–
  • A Slim Gilt Soul. To Lord A—–
  • The Silence of Columbine. To Dot L—–
  • The Archæologist. To Ctesse —–
  • The Ladder. To K. M. Ward
  • Belladonna. To Dot L—–
  • The Poet at Bay. To Wilfred Merton
  • Ut. To Allen Bennett
  • Rosa Decidua. To Lord Salvesen
  • The Circle and the Point. To Ouarda the Seer
  • In Memoriam.
  • Ad Fidelem Infidelem. To Elaine W—–
  • The Sphinx. To “The Sphinx”
  • The Jew of Fez. To Winston Churchill
  • The Pentagram. To George Raffalovich
  • Song. To Kathleen —–
  • An Hymn. To the Countess of Tankerville
  • Prologue to Rodin in Rime. To Kathleen —–
  • The Camp Fire. To the memory of A. C. Swinburne
  • Ave Adonai. To G. M. Marston
  • The Wild Ass. To Prince O. of Z. K.
  • The Opium-Smoker. To Elaine Simpson
  • In Manu Dominæ. To Anna Grossmann
  • —-
  • Mr. Todd: A Morality. In memoriam Lilith


  • L’Amour et le Crane
  • L’Alchimie de Douleur
  • Le Vampire
  • Le Balcon
  • Le Gout de L’Infini
  • L’Heautontimoroumenos
  • Le vin de L’Assassin
  • Woman
  • Tout Entiere
  • Le vin des Amants
  • Le Revenant
  • Lola de Valence
  • Le Beau Navire
  • L’Invitation au Voyage
  • Epilogue to “Petits Poemes en Prose”
  • Colloque Sentimental
  • En Sourdine
  • The Magician

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