The Circle and the Point

                        The Circle

I am the Holy Queen of Heaven!
      Eternal matter is my name.
The veiléd star, the crowned eleven.
      These are my soul, as thou my flame,
O wingéd globe of serpents twined,
      O sun of glory in my skies!
O subtle spirit of my mind!
      O ardent rapture of mine eyes!
            Thou secret centre, motion, rest:—
            Come to my breast! Come to my breast!

                        The Point

I am the Lord of Heaven, and I
      Am secretly arrayed and robed
In all the azure abyss of sky
      By serpents wingéd, wound and globed.
Thou art the Infinite of space,
      Thou the blue-lidded love of air!
I burn to kiss the exultant face,
      To grip the body bent and bare.
            O music! to my silence be!
            I come to thee! I come to thee!


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