The Twins


Have pity! show no pity!
    Those eyes that send such shivers
        Into my brain and spine: oh let them
Flame like the ancient city
    Swallowed up by the sulphurous rivers
        When men let angels fret them!


Yea! let the South wind blow,
    And the Turkish banners advance,
        And the word go out: No quarter!
But I shall hold thee—so
    While the boys and maidens dance
        About the shambles of slaughter!


I know thee who thou art,
    The inmost fiend that curlest
        Thy vampire tongue about
Earth’s corybantic heart,
    Hell’s warrior that whirlest
        The darts of horror and doubt! {98}


Thou knowest me who I am
    The inmost soul and saviour
        Of man; what hieroglyph
Of the dragon and the lamb
    Shall thou and I engrave here
        On Time’s inscandescable cliff?


Look! in the polished granite,
    Black as thy cartouche is with sins,
        I read the searing sentence
That blasts the eyes that scan it:
    “Hoor and Set be Twins.”
        A fico for repentance!


Ay! O Son of my mother
    That snarled and clawed in her womb
        As now we rave in our rapture,
I know thee, I love thee, brother!
    Incestuous males that consume
        The light and the life that we capture.


Starve thou the soul of the world,
    Brother, as I the body!
        Shall we not glut our lust {99}
On these wretches whom Fate hath hurled
    To a hell of Jesus and shoddy,
        Dung and ethics and dust


Thou as I art Fate.
    Come then, conquer and kiss me!
Come! what hinders Believe me:
This is the thought we await.
    The mark is fair; can you miss me
        Nay, you catch me, you cleave me!


See, how subtly I writhe!
    Strange runes and unknown sigils
        I trace in the trance that thrills us.
Death! how lithe, how blithe
    Are these male incestuous vigils!
        Ah! this is the spasm that kills us!


Wherefore I solemnly affirm
This twofold Oneness at the term.
Asar on Asi did beget
Horus twin brother unto Set.
Now Set and Horus kiss, to call
The Soul of the Unnatural
Forth from the dusk; then nature slain
Lets the Beyond be born again. {100}


This weird is of the tongue of Khem,
The Conjuration used of them.
Whoso shall speak it, let him die,
His bowels rotting inwardly,
Save he uncover and caress
The God that lighteth his liesse.


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