N.O.X. Litany

N.O.X. Litany
Latrant Deity Project 34-1

  1. Stand upright, feet together, arms at sides.
    Then face East and say:

  2. “P.A.N.
    “Pi. Alpha. Nu.
    “The Pillars, Priapos, casting forth the seed.
    “The Pentagram, Hades, ruling the secret place.
    “The Scorpion, Nike, triumphant over death and life.
    “Priapos, Hades, Nike: PAN! IO PAN!”

  3. Take the posture of Mentu (the Pillars of arm and member), and say,
    “N. The sign of the Youth, fair and godly.”

  4. Assume the attitude of horned Bacchus (the averse Pentagram), and say,
    “O. The sign of the Lord, dark and beastly.”

  5. Stand in the attitude of the Capitoline Venus, and say,
    “The sign of the Maiden, modest in desire.”

  6. Assume the stance of Babalon (Tiamat and Scorpio), and say,
    “X. The sign of the Lady, brazen in fulfillment.”

  7. Stand in the posture of Isis Rejoicing, and say,
    “N.O.X., Nox, the Night of PAN!”

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