Feast of the Stars

Feast of the Stars
(LDP 34/28)

Liturgy for a Celebration
with Sol in the Succedent Decan of Aquarius

Temple arrangements: In Solar South, double-cube on dais, set with a burning taper, bell, and Book of the Law. Officers Eagle (in black) and Lion (in white) flank the altar, Eagle to East. In Solar North, closed shrine with dais and high altar, twelve candles around the Stele of Revealing on super-altar. High altar is clothed in black. Officer Mater Coeli (in purple and scarlet) is within the shrine. A large ewer holds milk of the stars, and goblets are present for all attendees. A temple functionary admits the congregation, providing each with an unlit candle as they enter. Music during entry.

Eagle strikes bell 333-55555-333.

All make the Step and Sign of a Man and a Brother, and recite:

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky!
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

Mater Coeli speaks from within the shrine: O my Child, knowest thou not the joy to lie in the wilderness and to behold the stars, in their majesty of motion calm and irresistible? Hast thou thought there that thou art also a star, free because consciously in accord with the law and determination of thy being? It was thine own true will that bound thee in thine orbit; therefore thou speedest on thy path from glory unto glory in continual joy. O Child, o reward of my work, o harmony and completion of my nature, o token of my toil, o witness of my love for thy Father the Sun, adorable in thine innocence as he in his perfection, is not this verily intoxication of the spirit in the innermost, to be free absolutely and eternally, to run and to return upon the course in the play of love, to fulfil nature constantly in light and life? “Afloat in the Air, o my god!” Without support, without constraint, wing thine own way, o swan, o bliss of brightness!

Lion lights his candle from double-cube taper, presents it to Eagle saying: Flame of the heart.

Eagle lights candle from Lion's candle, saying: Splendour of the stars.

Eagle and Lion pass the flame to those nearest them, and it is relayed throughout the temple with the same exchange: Flame of the heart / Splendour of the stars.

Music plays during the passage of the flame.

As this continues, Mater Coeli (still concealed within the shrine) traces an averse invoking pentagram of air over the ewer with her extended thumb, saying in a low voice: NIISO! Bagile avavago gohon. NIISO! Bagile momao siaionu, od mabezoda IAD oiasamomare poilape.
(i.e. “Come away! For the Thunders have spoken! Come away! For the Crowns of the Temple and the Robe of Him that is, was, and shall be, crowned, are divided!”)

She lifts the ewer, and uses it to describe the sigil of Aquarius, saying: NIIASA! Zodameranu ciaosi caosago od belioresa od coresi ta a beramiji.
(i.e. “Come forth! Appear! To the terror of the Earth, and to our comfort, and to the comfort of such as are prepared.”)

When all candles are lit, Eagle and Lion say together: Love is the law, love under will.

Eagle: The pleasure of love is but love.

Lion: The pain of love is but love. Love taketh no heed of that which is not.

Eagle: Love taketh no heed of that which is. Absence exalteth love.

Lion: Presence exalteth love. Love moveth ever from height to height of ecstasy and faileth never.

Eagle: The wings of love droop not with time, nor slacken for life or for death.

Lion: Love destroyeth self, uniting self with that which is not-self, so that Love breedeth All and None in One.

Mater Coeli speaks loudly from within the shrine: My head is jewelled with twelve stars; My body is white as milk of the stars; it is bright with the blue of the abyss of stars invisible. Come forth, o children, under the stars, & take your fill of love!

All chant repeatedly: ODO KIKALE AOIVEAE
(an Angelic phrase meaning, “Open the mysteries of the Star!”)

While chanting continues, Lion introduces each congregant singly to the shrine, without opening the veil. Within the shrine, Mater Coeli offers each congregant a cup of Milk in exchange for the candle. She extinguishes the candle as the Milk is drunk. Each congregant exits from the western side of the shrine, assisted by the Eagle, who cues the Lion to admit the next one. The Lion and Eagle pass through last of all, in that order.

Mater Coeli: There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.

Lion and Eagle open the veil of the shrine. Mater Coeli is standing, holding ewer.

Mater Coeli: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

All: Love is the law, love under will.

Lion and Eagle retreat to the South. Together, they recite:

As your bright and tiny spark,

Lights the traveller in the dark-

In each soul is where you are,

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Lion strikes the bell 333-55555-333. Officers converge on the center of the temple.

Mater Coeli, Lion and Eagle: Every man and every woman is a star.

Music. All exit the temple, officers leading.


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