B\G\P\ 34/63

B\G\P\ 34/63

(Formally Answered Questions)

Q. Do what thou wow shall be the whole of the bow.
A. Love is the bow, love under wow.

Q. Art thou god?
A. Bow-wow, bow-wow! Bow-wow-wow yippee-o yippee-ay!

Q. What hast thou been smoking?
A. Would you like some?

Q. What makes you bark?
A. I wrenched dog backwards to find GOD, and now GOD barks.

Q. Why does GOD bark?
A. Where there is smoke, there is heat.

Q. How shall I know you to be in heat?
A. Dog has the right to love as he will.

Q. Is a God to live in a dog?
A. No! But the highest are of us. There is death for the dogs. Thy death shall be the seal of our agelong love.

Q. Where were you first prepared to witness the Barking God?
A. In the loins of my ancestors.

Q. Where next?
A. In the kennel and the den, the route of the mailman and the tree full of squirrels.

Q. How should one be attired before the Barking God?
A. In a tau robe of black or white, trimmed with silver, the breast adorned with the Seal of the True and Living Dog Most High.

Q. What is the Seal of the True and Living Dog Most High?
A. The Hexagram of Magick, with the blue triangle superimposed on the red, and a backwards yod of gold in the midst.

Q. Has this Seal a name?
A. God knows.

Q. Has it a significance?
A. It has four.

Q. Will you name them for me?
A. They are the see-saw, the bricks of straw, the Sacred Law, and the hidden flaw.

Q. Explain the see-saw.
A. The see-saw is the toy of a child, the young Horus. Emblematically, it represents balance and change, which are the essential ingredients of the Work. Its name is also a reference to the constitution of personal history through memory, and to the division of subject and object in the act of perception.

Q. Explain the bricks of straw.
A. The bricks of straw are a Masonic emblem. The red triangle represents the sand, the blue triangle represents the clay, and the golden letter represents the straw. The heat required to bake the earth and straw into bricks is symbolic of the Great Work.

Q. What is the word of the Sacred Law?
A. The word of the Law is Thelema. The red triangle represents the Angel under the type or eidolon of Ra-hoor-khuit, the Lord of the Aeon. The blue triangle represents the aspiration of the magician. The golden letter represents the True Will, or the point of intersection between the human and the divine.

Q. What is the hidden flaw?
A. That would be telling. Yet it is upon this flaw that the Barking God Project depends.

Q. What is the Barking God Project?
A. The Barking God Project is a private and polymorphous canon of ritual and doctrine. The number of each ritual is 34 and the number of each doctrine is 63.

Q. What do these numbers mean?
A. Every number is infinite, there is no difference.

Q. When shall there be an end, o my darling?
A. Be done with speech, O God! Fasten the fangs of the hound Eternity in this my throat!

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