The Furnace of Ecstasy

Latrant Deity Project 34-71
The Furnace of Ecstasy
An Exercise in Dyadic Mysticism

  1. There is a quiet place prepared.
  2. A woman and a man sit facing one another, their spines straight.
    The posture should be one in which both are comfortable.
  3. He looks into her anahata, she looks into his ajna.
    There is no direct eye contact between the two.
  4. They synchronize their breaths in complement, so that she exhales as he inhales, and vice versa.
    To arrange this pattern, each may touch the knee of the other while exhaling.
  5. Once the breathing pattern is established, they add images: he exhales flame from his anahata into hers; she exhales starlight from her ajna into his.
    C.f. CCXX I:16.
  6. Once the images are established, they add words–vibrated silently: she vibrates ON as she exhales; he vibrates IAO as he exhales.
    “ON is an Arcanum of Arcana; its significance is taught, gradually, in the O.T.O.” –Liber Samekh
    “I.A.O. … is essentially the formula of Yoga or Meditiation. …this formula of I.A.O. is a formula of Tiphareth.” –Liber ABA, Part III, Chapter V
  7. Lege! Judica! Tace!

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