Fourfold Word Song

Fourfold Word Song

Tune: “God Save the Queen,” (“My Country 'Tis of Thee”)

Tell it both near and far:
Each human is a star.
Do what thou wilt.
As below, so above–
We know the law is love,
The serpent and the dove.
Do what thou wilt.

Perfect and perfect join
Heart to heart, loin to loin,
Do what thou wilt.
Where, when, how, and with whom
Ye will, there is no doom.
Wear jewels, burn perfume,
Do what thou wilt.

Above the starry blue
Our Lady sheds her dew
In ecstasy.
And with his mighty art
The snake enwraps the heart.
Now let the Aeon start
To make us free.

Hail to the Secret Lord!
Hail to the Holy Whore!
Blessing and praise!
Hail to the Conquering Child,
Most awful and most mild!
Worship with passion wild
For all our days.

In love and liberty
And light and life must be
No grace or guilt.
May the exalted fires
Of our sublime desires
Rise on the AEon's pyres!
Do what thou wilt.

Hymns of the Gnosis
Vigorous Food and Divine Madness

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