The Law of the Fortress

The Law of the Fortress
by T Polyphilus

Tune: “Ein Feste Burg”

A mighty fortress is our Law:
A Rose and Cross victorious;
The blood upon the Lion's paw
Betokens magick glorious!
      Keep thine own star in sight,
      Thou hast no other right!
      No grace and neither guilt
      Can best Do what thou wilt.
There is no law beyond it.

The House of God has fallen down,
Alone I am escaped to tell…
The Kingdom lies beneath the Crown
Of a new Aeon's warlike spell.
      The mighty hawk of gold
      Has landed, now behold
      the Wand of Double Power
      in this enchanted hour.
The lidless eye is beaming.

Love is the law, love under will.
But there are love and love to choose.
When, where, and with whom, take your fill.
Thy willing wife do not refuse.
      The dove's most foolish part,
      The serpent's fiercest art;
      Agape's mystery!
      But always unto me,
Rejoicing in my temple.

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