Charges for Officers

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Acolytes, lay deacons, and novice priests and priestesses may benefit from a ritual “charge” administered on the occasion of the Mass in order to focus and prepare them for the work of the ceremonies. A priest or priestess under orders performs the charge, in order to align the non-ordained officers with the subtle forces and overt intent of the sacerdotal catena. Such a charge should take place after the officers are bathed and regaled. Of course, novices or lay officers in the three principal offices will also have been prepared through baptism and confirmation, and acolytes will have been prepared through baptism. A priestess’ ordination or charge as a novice is sufficient “special dedication to the Great Order.”
The same basic charge should suffice for any of the ritual officers. Here are two alternative forms.

Form A

The charging PRIEST or PRIESTESS traces a + with oil on the forehead of the officer, and speaks.

PRIEST(ESS): In the Names of CHAOS, BABALON, and BAPHOMET, I seal you with the Sign of Light, that you may serve the true church by performing her rituals rightly with joy and beauty. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

OFFICER: “Love is the law, love under will.”

The two exchange the Kiss of Peace.

Form B

The charging PRIEST or PRIESTESS makes a circle with the thumbs and forefingers of both hands, and places them on the crown of the officer’s head.

PRIEST(ESS): In the name of Nuit …

Then (s)he places the left hand against the officer’s lower torso.

PRIEST(ESS): And Hadit …

Then (s)he touches the officer’s breast with the right hand.

PRIEST(ESS): And Ra-hoor-khuit, I gird you with the vestments of truth that you may do battle according to the principles of the Book of the Law.

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