T Polyphilus

There is a secret door that I shall make to establish thy way in all the quarters, (these are the adorations, as thou hast written)…

This text is a paraphrase of Corpus Hermeticum XIII:17-20 in forty-four lines of verse. In its original context, it was an invocation to be addressed to the sun by initiated aspirants at dawn and sunset. It is suitable for use as an adoration in solar devotions along the lines of Liber Helios.

Attend to me, all spirits, as I sing:

Reveal the secrets and the springs of earth

In nature's stillness. Far beyond all things

Is the almighty One who brought to birth

The world. You heavens shine in gentle air!

Immortals, hearken to my praise for One

Who fixed the earth in place, hung the skies where

They soar, made rivers where the waters run,

And ordered fire to warm and lighten life!

Come join with me to laud the One on high

Who beams all brilliance from His mighty Eye!

photo of Dionysos Thriambos by Aisha QadishaMy Powers all together harmonize

Within me to the One. It is my Will.

My mind has welcomed Knowledge, and my eyes

Alight with Joy; my senses fill

With song. In Continence I sing.

My Perseverance raises still the hymn.

My Justice through me praises everything

That answers to the just. My Liberality

Sings through me unto all. Truth hymns the True.

Good hymns the Good. O Life in rhapsody

Of Light adored! Supreme One, unto you

I give my thanks. Lord of my Powers, please

Accept my thanks. My energies arise

From Your own being echoed in me. Seize

The Word I give to You in sacrifice!

The Powers in me shout, “Thy will is done!”

In keeping with Your great command to all,

The universe exults to You as One,

Vibrating sacred offerings. I call

To Life: Preserve the universe in us!

To Light: Illuminate with purest rays!

To God: From conscious love engender trust!

O demiurge, o psychopomp, o mind,

You gather and You guide, Your Word is kind.

For You are God, and my humanity

Proclaims Your work through fire, through earth, through air,

Through water, and through spirits bound and free.

From Your eternity I have won fair

Expressions of celestial praise. Your high

And perfect counsel brought me to the still,

Sublime and heavenly repose, as I

Desired. I am a witness to Your Will.

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