Hiding of the Ass

By Dionysos Sparagmos


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Greetings and Gnosis from our Lord the Donkey!

I have a long string of lies to share with you
Some of these lies, I have received from other liars
Some are original with me
So don't bother to try and find the truth
In what I will be sharing with you here
Just enjoy these fictions for their own sake
And for the sake of the ass most holy!

For the first of these lies
I have recourse to that father of lies
The imp Crowley with his mask of Frater Perdurabo
He wrote ninety-three pages of lies
And called it a book of lies, falsely
And the page numbered thirty-three
He called Baphomet:

“A black two-headed Eagle is GOD;

even a Black Triangle is He.

In His claws He beareth a sword;

yea, a sharp sword is held therein.

This Eagle is burnt up in the Great Fire;

yet not a feather is scorched.

This Eagle is swallowed up in the Great Sea;

yet not a feather is wetted.

so flieth He in the air,

and lighteth upon the earth at His pleasure.”

This is a light enough topic
Our lying imp describes GOD
With a symbol used for Empire
The two-headed eagle with a sword
Taken by the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry
From the insignia of their chief of legend
Frederick the Great of Prussia
The eagle has power over the elements
And they are noted in the sequence
Of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton
Which is a most sacred name
Of our Lord the Donkey

But what catches our onolatrous attention
Is at the bottom of the page
The imp writes:


the Grand Master of the Temple;

and of the GOD that is Ass-headed

did he dare not speak.”

And we may question whether Jacques
Should be translated as IACOBUS for Jacob
Or as IOHANNES for John
Since Jack is both another name for John
And a title of our Donkey Lord

DeMolay was the Grand Master
Of the Templar Order of knights
He was martyred in 1314
By the ambitions of Phillip the Fair
The King of France
And DeMolay is a saint of the Gnostic Catholic Church

Now for DeMolay to choose that particular lie about GOD
That GOD is a two-headed eagle
Is not impossible
That symbol had been used for various kingdoms
And empires that had two coequal parts
Like when the Roman Empire divided east and west

But what about the lie that DeMolay kept to himself?
The Templars were an initiatory order
With their own secrets and mysteries
Did they know something about an ass-headed god?
The Templars were accused of worshipping a strange idol
The idol was called Baphomet
It was usually described as a head
Presumably it was a human head
Could it have been the head of an ass?

One of the wonderful lies about the Templars
Is that they found something
In the Kingdom of Jerusalem
That they made some archaeological discovery
Or they were founded to protect one
A discovery that cast a whole new light
On the Church or Christianity or even God

Now there is some very interesting archaeology
That we do know of in this vein
But not from Jerusalem
Now I am not making this up
The earliest representational image of Christ
In the entire historical record
Is on the wall of an ancient house
On the Palatine Hill in Rome
It shows a crucified man
With the head of a donkey
Being adored by a boy
With an inscription: “Alexamenos worships his God”

And in Egypt and Asia Minor
Antiquarians have recovered Gnostic gems
Carved with images of ass-headed men
The fancy word for that is onocephalic
These gems often bear the inscription IAO
Sometimes the onocephalic figure
Is teaching from a scoll
Sometimes he is enthroned
Other times he is crucified

And we can read also in the Gnostic Scriptures
Specifically the Gnostic Gospel of Mary
Regarding Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist:

For…the reason why Zechariah was slain in the temple

was that he saw… a vision.

And when he wished to tell the vision

his mouth froze from fear.

For… in the hour of the offering of incense

he saw, as he was offering incense,

a person standing at rest, having… the form of an ass.

And when he went outside… and wanted to say,

“Woe unto you! What are you worshiping?”

the thing he had seen inside in the temple

froze his mouth, so that he could not speak.

And when his mouth opened so that he might speak,

then he revealed it to them,

and they slew him. And thus…did Zechariah die.

And this writing of the Barbelo Gnostics
Was preserved by the Christian saint Epiphanius
In his work Medicine Chest Against Heresies
He also relates this passage:

… the reason why the priest was commanded

by the lawgiver [Moses] himself

to have bells [on his garments]…

was so that whenever he entered

to perform priestly duties,

the being who was worshiped

might hear the noise and hide,

lest the… nature of his form be disclosed.

This strange story corroborates the Roman historian Tacitus
Who explained Hebrew religion
As a thorough rejection and reversal
Of the Egyptian system of religion
He alleged that in the Hebrew temples
They would consecrate a donkey statue
And sacrifice a ram
in contumeliam Ammonis
that is, in ridicule of Amun

The classical Jewish historian Flavius Josephus
Wrote to dispute the claims
Of the Egyptian historian Apion
Who had written that
“the Jews placed an ass's head in their holy place”
Apion wrote that the fact was discovered
When the temple of Jerusalem was sacked
By the Tyrian Antiochus Epiphanes
The conquering troops were supposed to have found
An ass's head there made of gold
And worth a great deal of money.

Flavius Josephus complains
That Apion is a black pot to call him a kettle
“since an ass is not a more contemptible animal”
Than various beasts deified by the Egyptians
Note that Josephus was a Pharisee
He is the only author whose writings we possess
Who claims that Jewish sect for his own
He was a priest who would have had access
To Herod's temple and its inner sanctuary
Well and widely schooled in the religions of his day
He should have known that the Egyptians
Associated the ass with Set
Who was then regarded more as a devil
Rather than a divine benefactor
And considered to dwell in Asia
This counter from Josephus is suspiciously rhetorical
And is undercut by its own substance

But Apion is a liar nevertheless
One who tells stories of Gentiles
Fattened up in temple captivity
For Jewish cannibalism

The prohibition of graven images was very serious
In the Judaean religion of that time
If there were an idol of an ass
Then it could not be their god
If their god were an ass
Then there could not be an idol of it
Leave the idols for the Templars

But remember the Gospel of Mary
Jehovah is a Living God
One who likes his priests in bells
In order to be warned of their approach
Was there a live donkey in the sanctuary?
Or–as some commentators would have it
Was Jehovah an onocephalic angel?
A spirit whose long ears
Would pick up the sacerdotal jingling
A genius to feast on thistles
A celestial intelligence braying its wisdom
IAhOh! IAhOh!
Thou shalt have no other gods before me!

In the name of our Lord the Donkey, Amen.

Love is the law, love under will.

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