Dionysos Thriambos
Io Pan Jam 2001 e.v.

During the morning, the Forth-Speaker entirely shaves his head. He dresses in white ceremonial clothes, except for the nemyss of his office, and spends the remainder of the morning absorbed in meditation upon the Holiest of all Mantras.

The Marshall of Hoor assembles the cult for the Noon Adoration:

Hail unto Thee who art Ahathoor in Thy triumphing, even unto Thee who art Ahathoor in Thy beauty, who travellest over the heavens in thy bark at the Mid-course of the Sun. Tahuti standeth in His splendour at the prow, and Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm. Hail unto Thee from the Abodes of Morning!

The Forth-Speaker approaches the altar. He puts incense upon the censer and declares:

In the place of the cross the indivisible point which hath no points nor parts nor magnitude. Nor indeed hath it position, being beyond space. Nor hath it existence in time, for it is beyond Time. Nor hath it cause or effect, seeing that its Universe is infinite every way, and partaketh not of these our conceptions.

He holds a razor aloft, and continues:

I that am a hawk of gold

Proud in adamantine poise

On the pillars of turquoise

See, beyond the starry fold,

Where a darkling orb is rolled

Did I swoop, were heaven amazed?

With my beak I strike but once: [He slashes his left breast with the razor.]

Out there leap a million suns.

Through that universe that blazed

Screams their light, and death is dazed.

Nor, an thou perchance behold

How I plunge and batten on

Earth's extenuate carrion

Deem turquoise match midden-mould

Or deny the hawk of gold!

The Forth-Speaker kneels, and the Imperatrix anoints his head with the Balm of Hoor, incanting:

qui nocet noceat adhuc
> et qui in sordibus est sordescat adhuc
> et iustus iustitiam faciat adhuc
> et sanctus sanctificetur adhuc

Rise, brother, and by thy work gain the god.

veni et vidi2

The Forth-Speaker stands, and addresses the Imperatrix:

And I came and saw, even I, Dionysos Sparagmos, the Forth-Speaker of Hoor. Yea, even I the man beheld this wonder. And I could not deliver it unto my self.

He dons the nemyss and turns towards the Sun:

Thou knowest what asp hath fixed its lethal tooth

In the white breast that trembled like a flower

At Thy Name whispered. Thou hast marked how hour

By hour its poison hath dissolved my youth

Half skilled to agonize, half skilled to soothe

This passion ineluctable, this power

Slave to its single end, to storm the tower

That holdeth Thee, who art Authentic Truth.

O golden hawk! O lidless eye! Behold

How the grey creeps upon the shuddering gold!

Still will I strive! That by the striving broken

I may exhaust this me! That Thou mayst sweep

Swift on the dead from Thine all-seeing steep–

And the unutterable Word be spoken.

The Marshall sounds a bell 333-55555-333.
The Forth-Speaker turns to address the others:

Hoor hath a secret fourfold name; it is Do What Thou Wilt. Four words: Naught–One–Many–All.

He prays to the Sun:


Thy Name is holy.

Thy Kingdom is come.

Thy Will is done.

Here is the Bread.

Here is the Blood.

Bring us through Temptation!

Deliver us from Good and Evil!

That Mine as Thine be the Crown of the Kingdom, even now.


Turning to the others, he concludes:

These ten words are four, the Name of the One.

Q. V. I. F.

1. “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”

2. “Come and see.”


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