The Concealment of the Graal
by Dionysos Thriambos

Kings may command a service sweet and rough,
kept secret from the people. Now see a
kaleidoscopic battleground wherein
knights five in number leave a dragon dead.

Philosophers and magi blithely go
past ivory-weaponed ranks that idle, or
parade on fields where lightning touches a
pagoda's heights. This wisdom will prevail.

No mortal man or beast can yet defy
nostalgia for the ocean. Ever so
near all the struggles of Leviathan,
nocturnal tides erode the reason's “I.”

O mystery beyond the arcana
of Art; the knowledge of the eye unseen
of its own seeing! This eye seizes you…
oblivion comes treading on goat's hooves.

Prayers and Prophecies
The Exposed Adytum

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