Hymn 418

Tune: “Ebenezer”

One alone is the beginning,
And the essence one and whole,
One the perfect permutation
Of the universal soul.

Seven letters sealed and done:
ARARITA Six in One.

So the tongue of flame descending
From the heavens to the heart
And the tongue of prayer arising
Form the sixfold star of Art.

Repeat Chorus

With these signs the word is spoken
In the breaking-forth of Light,
And the stars are gathered into
The abyss of endless Night:

Repeat Chorus

From the Father and the Mother
Comes the brilliance of the Son
With the substance of the Daughter–
The redemption is begun!

Repeat Chorus

Though a fool not understanding,
Yet I take the Law to hold:
One ordeal, it turns to silver;
Two, it lusters gleaming gold;
Three, as stones of precious water;
Four, the final sparks of fire;
Still to all it shows its beauty,
As I fervently aspire.

CHAOS, Father, Lord of Aethyr,
Praise to thy great Mystery,
And to our Mysterious Mother
BABALON eternally.
BAPHOMET, lion and serpent,
Mighty may thou ever be!
Grant us gnosis in your light and
Life and love and liberty!

Hymns of the Gnosis
Vigorous Food and Divine Madness

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