Crosses & Circles
Qabalistic Conjunctions and Circuits
by Dionysos Thriambos

The camel passes through the gate.

From the Smooth Point, stumble to the Sphere of the Stars, process to the Palace of Virtues, retreat to the Temple of the Sun, adjust to the Fortress of Iron, ride to the City of the Pyramids, and juggle to the Smooth Point.

Sekhmet embraces Isis.

Jupiter strengthens Mars, who crucifies Mercury, who sports with Diana, who refreshes Venus, who turns towards Jupiter.

The Royal Art topples the House of God.

Gold putrifies to copper, which precipitates the base matter which combusts to quicksilver, which fixes the gold.

“One mounteth unto the Crown by the moon and by the Sun, and by the arrow, and by the Foundation, and by the dark home of the stars from the black earth.” –Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente I:9

The Crown taketh by magick and by Our Lady, and by Her golden cup, and by fear, and by sacrifice, and by splendour, and by the cleansing fires of the heavens.
The Crown giveth by breath and by the Word, by initiation, and by joy, and by revolution, and by victory, and by the silver drops of celestial dew.

Researches and Recreations
The Exposed Adytum

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