Consecration of Sacerdotal Robe and Crown

T Polyphilus

If constructed according to the directions of Liber XV, the priest’s crown is likely to be more materially valuable than any other piece of regalia or furniture in the temple. It should certainly be subject to ceremonial consecration. There is an incidental consecration of the priest’s crown and robe in the typical ordination of an E.G.C. priest. But since these articles may enter use at some time other than a sacerdotal ordination, and since they might need to be reconsecrated in the event of desecration (i.e. if handled by someone other than clergy of E.G.C. or used for some purpose other than E.G.C. ceremonies), it is important to be able to consecrate these pieces of regalia as a ritual operation distinct from ordination.
Such consecration is a function of episcopal power, and on the basis of their initiated instruction, any recognized bishop of E.G.C. should have the resources to perform such a consecration. Bishops of the Church are welcome to write me directly for the confidential details of my rubrics for consecrating these items of sacerdotal regalia.

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