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  Is it true?

Weirdness Posted by <Vince> on Friday November 16, @09:24AM
from the business-way dept.

Is it true that Crowley would sometimes 'empty his bowels' in public?

I don't say this to offend, it is just something I heard. Why did he do this?

The Deconstruction of the WTC | Sex Drugs and Enlightenment  >


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**Re: Is it true?**
by Fra THA;M on Friday November 16, @12:04PM

Entirely apocryphal. In spite of his many sexual proclivities, I don't think coprophagia was one of them. Check the sources of such stories.

Re: Is it true?\\
by <Xnoubis> on Friday November 16, @12:16PM
The story may well be apocryphal, but between The Book of Lies Chapter 87, “Mandarin Meals,” and “Leah Sublime,” I rather had the impression that coprophagia was at least an occasional interest of his.\\

  • |Re: Is it true?\\
    by Fra THA;M on Friday November 16, @01:59PM

    Sure, as Crowley states in his famous 'I've exposed myself to every vice…' monologue. No doubt he dabbled in scatology, but to nowhere near the degree or intensity that he immersed himself in buggery, bestiality, or Dominant/Submissive games (most likely any involvement in coprophagia stemmed from his desires to humiliate himself, or debase others).\\

**Re: Is it true?**
by Sum Y. Gai on Friday November 16, @12:11PM

I believe the story goes that some Aristocrat Lady wanted him to perform some Rite for her, and at it's culmination he “emptied his bowels” on her carpet, at which point she became very cross indeed.

I don't know about validity. But for entertainment value, it's up there.


**Re: Is it true?**
by <jcat> on Monday November 19, @12:53AM

And so it waz
da poo is holy
holy is da poo


a little brown buddha
shyte on da carpit
on da Persian one
no doubt

left there as a reminder
like a small token idol
perhaps as a symbol
to ward off efall

a pile of orison dew
a plucky tiny mountain
a pucky swirl of shu

so potent was the spell
that it gave the bowels
an instant tell tell
oh bloody hell

Holy holy holy is thy smell
odiferious infernal sculpture
holy is thy bodily function
keeping it regular as well

shhhht. say i, shhhhhhhhhhhh
crapulous creeds are oblivious
of our needs, and needs must be

so mote it be!…tee hee
my intestional rumble
is truly humble, and grunt
i must, and grunt i will
even if a have a spontanious spill

who am i to hold it in, if in trance
am i, if in momentous magickal event
so vent vent vent, i shall shall shall

holy dreck on the floor, holy is the word
even if it comes out as a pious pope turd
my word, oh how aweful that i have pooped
out my brains on the prayer rug, it must
have been some drug that i took to invoke thee
and it did not agree, with the wine and brie

so here goes poop in yr eye, but i must fly

**Re: Is it true?**
by Will Bridewell on Monday November 19, @10:04AM

Is it true that Crowley would sometimes 'empty his bowels' in public?

Who hasn't?

**Re: Is it true?**
by <RIKB> on Saturday November 24, @07:01AM

I don't know about Crowley “emptying his bowels in public” – it's not something I'd imagine he could get away with very often without most people being too mortified to hang out with him. In any case, he did indeed eat poo, at least on one occasion according to his diaries. The entry from July 26 1920 reads:

“To Leah I had boasted of my magick; of how I took what I most loathe, a poison outrage to four senses, and by Love's consecration did transmute it, make it God's Body, or Blood, consume it, worship and delight in it, nourish and energize my soul thereon.
“True, even this, as she well knew, for she and I had sung this Incantation, had made God together, two mouths that fed on this One
substance. She saw through that! My worship was half pose, my miracle half craft. My magick only gilded the base coin; loud as I swore my Host, the Body of God, I touched my tongue to skin, I would not, dared not, could not eat.
“She had said nothing; now when Her hour struck on the Bell, eleven strokes, stern to the altar dragged me.
”'High Priest!' she cried, 'I crave the Eucharist!' Then as I tricked: 'Not so!' Her eyes flamed; Her voice thrilled. 'Doubt not thyself! In sooth thou art High Priest; thy God and Thou and I are One in Three. Thou hast performed thy Miracle of the Mass, all this is very God, God of Our Godhead, Our own Substance, as on the Paten it gleams. My faith suffices; I will eat;
to the last crumb. I will consume it; Doubtest thou? That is hunger - thou shalt devour this Body of God, yea, save one morsel for my own greed's pleasure. Yet even that will I make honey for thee that to thy meat thou mayst add sweet – Fall To!'
“I would not; I could not. She said: 'False Priest, tear off thy robe: forsworn to me, forth from my Holy Temple!'
“Then I obeyed. My mouth burned; my throat choked; my belly retched; my blood fled whither who knows, and my skin sweated. She stood above me, hideous in contempt; she fixed snake's eyes on mine, and with most patient discipline, as with most eager passion, as with sublime delight, was face to face with me, epiphany of my duty's archetype. Hierophantia stood She, Her eyes uttering Light, Her mouth radiant Silence. She ate the Body of God, and with her Soul's compulsion, made me eat. But in my mouth, that lied when it sneered 'Ecce Corpus*' it turned back to its first nature; my doubt black-clouded God's sun-face. My teeth grew rotten; my tongue ulcered; raw was my throat, spasm-torn my belly; and all my Doubt of that which to Her teeth was moonlight, and to her tongue ambrosia; to her throat nectar, in Her Belly the One God of whose Pure Body She sould fresh Her Blood. So with my
body shuddering, retching, fainting and convulsed; with my mind tempest, my heart crater, my will earthquake, I obeyed Her lash.”

* Latin “Behold the body”

The next day, he notes that “A long night's and morning's sleep made me normal; but my throat and tongue are still sore.”

It doesn't sound like something he was particularly *accustomed* to doing, but there you go.

93 93/93

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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