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MARS in Capricorn is in his exaltation. His fierce energy is tempered to obstinacy by the earthy and Saturnian nature of the sign, but, on the other hand, the leaping Goat lends additional power and elan to his activity. He becomes tremendously magnetic and commanding, but also dour and tenacious. A striking instance of his {348} quality expressed in the world of action is Theodore Roosevelt. One has only to contemplate his method to understand the full effect of Mars in Capricorn. 

In the world of science, we have two men of incomparable vigor and persistence, Pasteur and Edison; while, to return once again to political life, we find Edward VII with this position of Mars. This is a very astonishing case; there is little of high ability to be found in this monarch, but Mars, rising in this sign, gave him the executive force to carry through the Triple Entente, one of the greatest diplomatic achievements in the world's history. 

Goethe also has this position; in this connection we notice the brusquerie of much of his verse, its leaping, forceful, direct quality. That any man could win such signal triumph is amazing; the art of poetry seems to demand smoothness rather than this abrupt sledge-hammer method. Rossetti, for example, with the same position, scores only partial success. The rough scansion of much of his verse must be called a flaw, whereas with Goethe it was a virtue. But Rossetti's Mars is in conjunction with Neptune and in opposition to Saturn, with no buttress to such aspects but a distant trine of the Sun, while Goethe's Mars is trine to Mercury and the Sun. 

Ruskin and Tolstoi have also this position, but Ruskin's Mars is the storm-centre of a great complex, which considerably modifies the effect, while Tolstoi's is in conjunction with Neptune, increasing its eccentricity and violence by harnessing materialism with mysticism. A better illustration of the effect of this position is Savonarola. Here we see clearly the sudden fierce resolution and the tenacity of purpose. Afflictions by Saturn and the Moon tended to increase the asperity of the method, and doubtless they contributed to its failure; but the method is indicated clearly enough by the position. 

Among women we have Cleo de Merode with the Moon trine and the Sun and Venus in square to Mars. From this comes her incomparable power to have her own way in everything. Incidentally, the planet is on the cusp of her eleventh house, and its main effect is therefore to enable her to influence friends. The trine of the Moon includes the public among such friends, and modifies the fierceness of her method by masking it with a show of yielding grace. In reality, she was just as full of will and determination as Cromwell. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's {349} Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Mars is in the sign Capricorn are as follows: 

From October 20th through November 28th 1841 

September 17th “ November 1st 1843 

March 9th ” April 27th 1845 

February 11th “ March 24th 1847 

January 19th ” February 27th 1849 

December 31st 1850 “ February 7th 1851 

December 10th 1852 ” January 17th 1853 

November 20th “ December 28th 1854 

October 29th ” December 6th 1856 

October 2nd “ November 12th 1858 

March 23rd ” June 9th 1860 

June 23rd “ September 29th 1860 

February 20th ” April 3rd 1862 

January 28th “ March 8th 1864 

January 7th ” February 15th 1866 

December 19th 1867 “ January 26th 1868 

November 28th 1869 ” January 5th 1870 

November 7th “ December 15th 1871 

October 14th ” November 22nd 1873 

April 20th “ June 15th 1875 

September 1st ” October 23rd 1875 

March 2nd “ April 16th 1877 

February 5th ” March 18th 1879 

January 14th “ February 22nd 1881 

December 26th 1882 ” February 2nd 1883 

December 6th 1884 “ January 12th 1885 

November 15th ” December 23rd 1886 

October 23rd “ December 1st 1888 

September 24th ” November 5th 1890 

March 14th “ May 6th 1882 

February 14th ” March 27th 1894 

January 23rd “ March 2nd 1896 

January 2nd ” February 10th 1898 

December 14th 1899 “ January 21st 1900 {350} 

From November 24th 1901 through January 1st 1902 

November 3rd ” December 11th 1903 

October 8th “ November 17th 1905 

April 2nd ” October 13th 1907 

February 24th “ April 9th 1909 

February 1st ” March 13th 1911 

January 11th “ February 18th 1913 

December 22nd 1914 ” January 29th 1915 

December 2nd 1916 “ January 9th 1917 

November 11th ” December 19th 1918 

October 19th “ November 27th 1920 

September 14th ” October 30th 1922 

March 7th “ April 24th 1924 

February 9th ” March 22nd 1926 

January 19th “ February 27th 1928 

December 29th ” December 31st 1929

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