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(Aleister Crowley)


The Editor hopes that Mental Pathologists, for whose eyes alone this treatise is destined, will spare no precaution to prevent it falling into other hands

Une nouvelle Phèdre a lui moins dure



Prefatory Sonnet to the Virgin Mary

A fragment

The Rainbow

With a Copy of ‘Poems and Ballads’

Ad Lydiam, Ut Secum A Martio Fugeret

Contra Conjugium T.B.B.

A Ballad of Choosing

A Jealous Lover

Ballade de la Jolie Marion

At Stockholm


Yet Time To Turn

All Night

Ode to Venus Callipyge





Ad Lucim

A Paean in the Springtime

To J. L.D.

A Ballad of Passive Paederasty


To A.D.

At Kiel

Suggested Additional Stanzas for

‘A Ballad of Burdens’

‘Go into the Highways and Hedges, and Compel Them to Come In’

The Blood-Lotus

To My First-Born

Chant au Saint-Esprit


Sleeping in Carthage

With Dog and Dame; an October Idyll

Hermaphrodites Dream


La Juive




Transcribed by Darryl Lee Emplit III of O.T.O.
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Readings on

The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley, especially Volume I which are works from the same early period.


Readings elsewhere

White Stains: Pornographic Occult Poetry as Shadow Confrontation and Cathartic Liberation by Nuhad418


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