The Parts of a Human Being

Egyptian Magic
The Parts of a Human Being
By S.S.D.D. (Sapientia Sapienti Dona Data)
(Florence Farr)

The Parts of a Human Being.

The Parts of a Human Being.

Determinative  Egyptian Name Equivalent in English
A Fish =Khat or Kat Body, Corpse.
A Mummy and a Seal =Sahu Elemental Body, Astral Body.
An Upright Snake =Tet or Zet Spiritual Body, Soul.
A Fan =Khaibt Radiations of the Sahu; the Sphere or Aura, Emanation, Odour, etc.
The Forepart of a Lion =Hati Executant, Human heredity, Habit, Instinct.
A Vessel with Ears as Handles=Aib or Ab The Will, similar to the animal Will, but containing within it the germs of the Spirit and Human Ego, in the form of an Egg and a concave receptacle.
The Upraised Hands =Kai or Ka The Individuality, the Human Ego.
A Hawk, Heron or Ram =Ba or Baie The penetrating Mind, the link with the Divine.
The Bennu Bird =Khou, Khu, or YekhThe Magical poets. The Shining one. The Augoeides of Greek philosophy.
The Radiating Sun =Hammemit The Unborn Soul; apparently a separate emanation of the Solar Light.

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