Austin Osman Spare

Austin Osman Spare, A∴A∴ motto Yihoveaum, Yirohaum

England 1886 – 1956

“An artist, can't understand organisation, or would've passed.”—Note by Aleister Crowley at the top of Spare's A∴A∴ The Oath of A Probationer paper.

his magickal technique of energized imagery combined with orgasm has been widely replicated since his WORKs became available in the 1970s. ; sex magick; art; sigils; automatic writing; automatic drawing; Thelemite (sort of); chaos magic movement and Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth.; Zos and Kia; creating your own alphabet of Desire; great thinker and artist, not as versatile with words. VERY VALUABLE FOR STUDY;



Stephen Mace; Kenneth Grant; Stephi Grant; Sallie Ann Glassman AKA Mombo Chen; Herman Slater (of Magickal Childe store in NYC) ; Chaos Magic movement players - Peter Carroll, Ray Sherwin, Phil Hine, Julian Wilde and Lionel Snell AKA Hugo L'Strange aka Ramsey Dukes AKA Lemuel Johnstone AKA Liz Angerford AKA Ambrose Lea AKA Adamai Philotunus AKA the Hon. Hugo C. StJ l’Estrange; Genesis P-Orridge of Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth; Robert Ansell; Phil Baker; Frederick Carter aka Francis Marsden; Alan Moore, comic writer; Neil Dineen; Vera Wainwright; Ken Robinson, Nietzsche scholar; Chuck Furnace; Will Parfitt ; Andrew Drylie, co-editor of Agape magazine; K. A. Meyers; Nema and the Black Sun/MAAT researchers; Frater PVN; Stanislav Szukalski; James Guthrie; Pickford Waller; R. E. D. Sketchley; Ralph Strass; Nicholas Bishop-Culpeper; Ian Law; Keith Richmond; Louis Martinié; Ernest H. R. Collings; Michael Staley; Christopher Bray; Roberto Migliussi; Stefano Landi; Stephen Skinner; E.M. Forster aka Edward Morgan Forster, author; Anthony Naylor ; Clive Harper; Roger Cardinal aka R. Cardinal; F. W. Letchford aka Frank Letchford; Stephen Pochin; Gavin W. Semple ; Geraldine Beskin; John Bonner; John Balance; Roy Curtis-Bramwell; Marcus Jungkurth; Frank Letchford; Keith Richmond; Sunny Shah; Christopher Jordan; Ross MacFarlan; Caroline Wise; Richard Millington ; Thomas Oldham ;James Bulley; Robert Wallis ; Oswell Blakeston, (1907 - 1985); Brian North Lee; Grace Rogers; Mor Navon and Julian Moguillansky, film makers; Ian Hodgkins (aka Ian Kenyur-Hodgkins), bookseller; Alan Leo, astrologer; Paul A. Ryan, of FormAOS magazine; Kenneth Deigh, editor of Mezlim: An Independent Journal for the Working Magus , not to be confused with the earlier Kenneth Grant Typhonian [OTO] magazine; Jaq D. Hawkins, author of Understanding Chaos Magic, 1996; John L. Steadman, author of HP Lovecraft and the Black Magickal Tradition, 2015;


Henry Miller (author); D. H. Lawrence, (author); Arthur Machen (author and Golden Dawn); Sir William Blake Richmond; FH Richmond RBA; Sylvia Pankhurst, Suffragette; Augustus John, artist; John Singer Sargent, artist; Victor Neuburg,Marc-André Raffalovich ; John Gray; George Moore, author; Frank Brangwyn; Sybil Waller; Constance “Connie” Smith; ex-wife; Kate Fox-Jencken (one of the Spiritualist Fox Sisters); Gerald Gardner; Clifford Bax; Dennis Bardens; Charles F. Grindrod; Warren Retlaw (ha ha ha, aka Warren Walter or Walter Warren ; Dr. William Wallace; John Lane, publisher; Arthur C. Fifield, publisher; J. C. Squire aka Sir John Collings Squire; Glyn Philpot ; Frank Brangwyn; Hayden Mackey; Hannen Swaffer; Mervyn Peake, SF author and illustrator; Denis Bardens; William Henry Davies aka W. H. Davies;


George Bernard Shaw; disliked Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung,AKA “Fraud and Junk.”;


A∴A∴ or Argenteum Astrum (the Silver Star); the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)

Author / Artist

Earth Inferno (1905); The Book of Pleasure and Self - Love (1913); The Focus of Life (1921); A Book Of Satyrs, 1907; Anathema Of Zos - The Sermon To The Hypocrites, an automatic writing, written 1924, published 1927; The Logomachy Of Zos ; The Sorceries Of Zos From Cults Of The Shadow; The Zoetic Grimoire Of Zos ; art magazines, Form (aka Form: A Monthly Magazine containing Poetry, Sketches, Essays of Literary & Critical Interest, together with Original Prints and Woodcuts, Lithographs, Calligraphic Decorations and Initial Letters) and The The Golden Hind, A Quarterly magazine of Art & Letter, (both available at the Yale Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript collection, New Haven, CT); posthumous collection - The Bookplate Designs of Austin Osman Spare ; . The Bond - The Official Organ of the Craftsman's Union - Issues 1 (May 1906), 2 (August 1906), 3 (October 1906) and 5 (December 1906) ; his Surrealist Racing Forecast Cards aka the “Obeah Cards” for divining winning horses at the track, not notably successful; The Youth and the Sage (1927)illustration; A Book of Automatic Drawing, posthumously-published; illustrations in Colour Magazine, A bound volume of 5 issues: June 1915 (Vol.2, No.5), November 1915 (Vol.3, No.4), December 1915 (Vol.3, No.5), February 1916 (Vol.4, No.1) & March 1916 (Vol.4, No.2), 1915-1916; illustrations in The London Mystery Magazine, 1950s; “The Logomarchy”; : The Mutterings of Aaos , 1921; “The Book of Ugly Ecstasy”, posthumous; The Valley of Fear, posthumous; Two Tracts on Cartomancy ;'Surrealist Racing Forecast Cards'; The Witches' Sabbath ; Axiomata ; print - Adventures in Limbo;


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