I don't have this fully figured out yet, so this is just an initial drafty sketch of an idea for a new Feature.

Sometimes I think a fun thing would be if there were a project for artists to come up with new interpretations of the Hermetic Library logo which I could post on the site. Any artists want to participate? Asking for a friend with snake legs.

I thought variously about starting some kind of “Google Doodle” off and on over the years. Maybe a banner on the blog and/or website that cycles through participants, possibly themed for the season or something? Or, you know, I've kinda dropped the ball on updating the library's social media banners with the cover of the current anthology, but that's another place where something that was a banner image (as opposed to the logo idea) could be shared.

As I swap logo interpretations and doodled banners, I'll keep an archive of previous images and artists in this area, for posterity.

Logos could, but aren't necessarily limited to, interpretations of the primary logo. They could be inspired by the content of the site in general, but probably should somehow help people seeing it know it's about Hermetic Library. Maybe? IDEK! Surprise me!

Banners could be anything! I think this kind of thing is way more open to inspiration from the broader subject matter at and adjacent to the library.

However, please keep in mind, for both logos and banners, I'm not going to accept something gratuitous or hateful, okay? Also, probably not things that would violate the T&S of the social media sites where I might display these for the library accounts.

Until I have it more figured out, if you're interested in participating, take a gander at the old T&S for the Journal, in general, and the graphic submissions, in specific. Basically, I only need necessary and sufficient permission to perpetually present the work. I would like to have some profile information for the archive, which profiles will probably look similar to the anthology profiles for cover artists.

Basically, I expect that things would work from my side much the same as how I work with artists on doing the covers for anthology albums.

In exchange for only the sufficient and necessary permissions to perpetually display the work as part of the project, I’ll set up a permanent artist profile with details and links in an archive. You can get an idea of what the doodles project artist profiles might look like by gandering through all the anthology profiles for cover artists:

Basically, these generally include profile image, biographical statement, links where people can find more to follow. Then there’s an art list with artist statement and other details for the specific work(s) by that artist.

I’d display the art on the main page of the site and the project archive. The archive will become a directory of all the artist that have participated. You can see an example of what that might look like on the anthology artist index.

In a similar way that artists on the anthology project understand that I might eventually offer the albums via digital distribution or physical media, on the off hand that artists participating in the logo or banner project were willing and able to further offer the optional permission to use their art on merch, that’d be cool too. I currently only offer merch to ongoing Patron supporters, but in the coming year I might start taking all my Patreon merch designs and set up a public shop. I don’t actually directly make money on the Patron merch, and I doubt I’d ever make much from a public shop either, if past attempts have been an accurate indication for the future, but I might do it just to have it out there.

But, ultimately, like the anthology project all other rights remain with the artists, other than those, as I said, necessary and sufficient for my purposes in perpetually displaying the work on the site. Then, also as mentioned, optionally also allowing me to offer merch as part of trying to make ends meet to keep the library online and going.

As with the music for anthologies, I’m open to lots of things and have no predetermined theme, style, mood, genre, or so ever in mind for the work included in the logo / banner project. So, feel free to go wild, if you want. I think generally the aspect ratio of the images should be similar: logo constrained by something like a square or vertical 4:3 rectangle / banner constrained far less, but something like horizontal 16:9. Basically like the tablet, square, and desktop aspect ratios for the propaganda downloads over at Ministry of Information.

I’m able to resize and crop as needed, so I’m mainly looking for art from creatives wanting to participate and you can let me worry about the rest.

Any comments or questions? Get in touch!

This is just an example template for future doodles! If you'd like to participate, read more about what this is and then get in touch.

Hermetic Library Doodles

Your doodle for the logo on the front page of Hermetic Library could be here.

Your artist statement could be here.

Hermetic Library Doodles

Your doodle for the banner on the front page of Hermetic Library could be here.

Your artist statement could be here.