Introduction to Book 220

By Aleister Crowley, n.d., unpublished. This document © O.T.O. This document is a part of the Warburg Collection, and was written as an introduction to his Commentary on Liber Legis.

In the first edition this Book is called L. L is the sacred letter in the Holy Twelvefold Table which forms the triangle that stabilizes the Universe. See Liber 418. L is the letter of Libra, Balance, and “Justice” in the Taro. This title should probably be AL, pronounced “EL”, as the true Name of the Book, for these letters, and their number 31, form the Master Key to its Mysteries. See Appendix.

CCXX is the number of the verses in this Book. It is 22 x 10, the 22 letters with the 10 numbers, and 1022 is the modulus of the three material universes within our range; the stars, the animals, the atoms (See “Two New Universes”).

LXXVIII. The Number of Aiwass, the Intelligence who communicated this Book. Having only hearing to guide me, I spelt it איואס, LXXVIII, referring it to Mezla, the Influence from Kether, which adds to the same number. But in An Xiv there come unto me mysteriously a Brother, ignorant of all this Work, who gave me the spelling ציוז, which is XCIII, 93, the number of Thelema and Agape, which concentrate the Book itself in a symbol. Thus the Author secretly identified Himself with his message.

But this is not all. Aiwaz is not (as I had supposed) a mere formula, like many angelic names, but is the true most ancient name of the God of the Yezdis, and this returns to the highest Antiguity. Our work is therefore historically authentic, the rediscovery of the Sumerian Tradition. (Sumer is in Lower Mesopotamia, the earliest home of our race.)

Another brother informs me that Aiwaz means “Servitor” or “messenger”, espcially a “cup-bearer”; amd this is in strict accordance with His function of Logos. Note that the consonants of Logos—the Word—add up to 93.

DCLXVI. The main points of this number are as follows:

1. From early childhood I have identified myself with the Beast of the Apocalypse.

2. 666 is the full number of the Sun, lord of my Ascendant. (Also see 6 x 111; 6, Sol, on the Grand Scale).

3. ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑ ΘΗΡΙΟΝ adds to 666; this is my Mystic Name in the A∴A∴ as a Magus.
Qliphoth of Pisces נשימירון
Spirit of Sol סדרת
The Name Jesus— שס יהשוה
Κοφη-νιη —coph Nia, see CCXX III.72.
שמשיהוא \\the Sun is 2/Libra \\שלוש (dolled L counts double) Kamuret, father of Parsifal—כטורת
'μϕΡΗΝ—the Greek Tiphareth
God Koph the Secret of Koph (Juppíter) spelt in full.
ΕΥΙΓΝ—first six letters of “Thou knowest”
(The answer to “Who am I?” in Liber CCXX)

4. The Brother previously mentioned knew me only as “Therion” by my writings. Now in An Xiv I was in converse with a certain Wizard named Amalantrah, in the Spirit, and it occurred to me to ask if I could use an Hebrew transliteration of my Name for the Qabalah. He said yes. I made several attempts, none of any value. But at the very time of my asking the question this Brother of whom I had never heard was writing a letter which gave the true answer תריון = 666.

5. My earth-name also adds to the number

אלהיסטהר חכרעולהי = 666 

The identification of this Number with myself is therefore fixed beyond doubt by many different orders of proof.

I may add that Aleister is the Celtic form of Alexander, helper of men; and that Crowley (Irish: the Breton form in de Kerval or de querouaille) is the secret title of the Arch-Druid.

There is extant a prophacy of Merlin which evidently concerns me. It is quoted by Lawrence Minot in 1400 or there abouts.

Out of Yreland Than sall cum a Liown
and hald with the wolf and with The dragoun
then sall all Ingland quakered beale leves
That hinges on The espe tre.

The wolf may refer to Aries, the dragon to Scorpio, characterizing two powers which assist me, and elsewhere obscurely indicated. The matter being of present political importance, critically so, no more may here be written.