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I. The Tablet of Union

E. H. N. B. Un. Na-Hath. Drun. Pe.
[Ed.Note: Graph. Na-Hath. Drun. Pe.]

The Sign of
(vir) EXARPTherion, Blessed Beast
(mulier) HCOMABabalon, Scarlet Concubine
(puella) NANTANuit, Continuous one of Heaven
(puer) BITOMHadit, The Magician & the Exorcist

II. The Twelve Banners (1)

Go in a circle, drawing each of the figures in the direction indicated. Repeat each the number of times equal to the number of letters in the name.

Twelve Banners

Four Kings (2)

Face East in Osiris Slain

Raasi I Bataivah in the east is …
Sobolm I Raggiosl in the west is …
Lucal I Ikzhhkal in the north is …
od Babage I Edlprenaa and in the south is …
Micma unal Ialpar Oivaeebehold these flaming stars
Dst Biah Aspt Ta which stand before your.

IV. 24 Seniors (3)

Draw the hexagrams in the quarters indicated, vibrating the names while drawing.

V Paean (4)

Glory unto him that is concealed and glory unto her that beareth the cup and glory unto the one that is the child and the father of their love. Glory unto the star and glory unto the snake, and glory unto the swordsman of the sun. And worship and blessing throughout the Aeon unto the name of the Beast, foursquare, mystic, wonderful!

VI. Close

Close by the signs of LVX

General Observations

This ritual was originally intended to ceremonially recreate certain chambers that became available in the course of working within the 15th Aethyr. It has also developed into a concise method of opening the Enochian Watchtowers.

Traditionally, the entities called by this rite are first to be summoned by the recital of the first six Enochian calls. But so far I have found that, for daily use, an elemental banishing can be sufficient preparation. For more specific workings, e.g. specific interactions with these entities, the appropriate call do seem to be necessary.


  1. Thanks to Frater Spartacus for his permission to use his 12 Banners in this

slightly modified form. At least in the beginning, it may be helpful to
vibrate and trace the three-lettered banners three times, the four-lettered
banners four times, and the fire-letterd banners five times. I have also
found it useful to visualize each banner as one ray in a twelve-rayed crown
radiating from the center of the galaxy.

  1. Credit goes here to Frater Achad Osher 583 for his Enochian Pentagram

Ritual, of which this is a modified fragment. A possible visualization for
the Kings: Bataivah — a yellow humanoid, Raagiosl — a blue bird of prey,
Ikzhhkal — a black bull or ox, Edlprnaa — a red lion. Each King also
possesses six wings and eyes all around his head.

  1. Notice that the downward pointing triangle is traced deosil, the upward

triangle widdershins.

  1. Taken from “The Vision and the Voice,” 9th Aethyr. Also, try reading

“Liber Israfel” at this point.

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