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Stand in the middle of your circle and raise your hands above head and let them form a circle around your head as well as you can.

Vibrate IAIDA - visualize an infinite circle around your head.
Vibrate MADA - let the circle go infinitely inside your head to a given point.
Vibrate EL - be yourself.

Pick up your wand and draw the unicursal hexagram of the Sun (see illustration above) to the East and vibrate the name of BATAIVAH,
continue clockwise around the quarters with the same hexagram and vibrate the other Senior/King names: EDLPRNAA, RAAGIOSL

Center and front East again: Recite:

Zacar od zamran; Odo cicle qaa; zorge,
lap zirdo noco MAD (*1)
Hoath IAIDA (*2)
Vaumd EL (*3)

(*1) Draw cross (equalarmed - vertical and horizontal bar) over genitals.
(*2) Draw cross over head.
(*3) Draw cross over heart.

Translation of the enochian that is from the calls of Dee and Kelly:
“ Move and Show yourselves; Open the mysteries of your creation; be friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the same God as you, the true worshipper of the highest, called One.”

The addition of “vaumd EL” = called One is used here to promote the unity and centration of the whole person.

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