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by Frater ShARASh

Calvary Cross:

(1) Touch forehead and say: Geh (Thou art)

(2) Touch genitals and say: Londoh (Kingdom)

(3) Touch right shoulder and say: Micaolz (Power)

(4) Touch left shoulder and say: Busd (Glory)

(5) Cross arms on chest and say: Gohed (Everlasting)

Formulation of the Pentagrams:

(6) Facing EAST, trace banishing pentagram. Touch the center with your weapon and say: EXARP

(7) Turn SOUTH, trace pentagram as before but say: BITOM

(8) Turn WEST, as before but say: HCOMA

(9) Turn NORTH, as before but say: NANTA

Invocation of the Forces:

(10) In the center, facing East, stand with feet spread shoulder width and arms straight out at sides. Say:

(11) Raas i Raphael (In the East is Raphael)

(12) Sobol i Gabriel (In the West is Gabriel)

(13) Babage i Michael (In the South is Michael)

(14) Od Lucal i Uriel (And in the North is Uriel)

(15) Micma Unal Ialpor Oiveae Dst Biah Aspt Ta.
(Behold these flaming stars which stand before you.)

Calvary Cross:

(16) Repeat as before the Cross.


Notes on Pronunciation

a as in father e as head i as in grief o as in boat u as in suit

Geh Ge-ha
EXARP Ex-ar-pe
Londoh Lo-nu-do-he
Micaolz Mi-ca-ol-zod
NANTA Na-en-ta
Busda Bu-sa-da
BITOM Bi-to-em
Gohed Go-heda
Raas i Raphael Ra-asa i Raph-a-el
Sobol i Gabriel So-bo-el i Ga-bri-el
Babage i Michael Ba-ba-ge i Mi-cha-el
Od Lucal i Uriel Od Lu-ca-el i U-ri-el
Micma Unal Ialpor Oiveae Dst Biah Aspt Ta.Mi-ca-ma Un-al I-al-po-re O-i-ve-ae Da-sa-ta Bi-a-he Asa-pete Ta

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