The Essence of Christianity

The Essence of Christianity
Ludwig Feuerbach


Preface to the Second Edition, 1843


Part I: The True or Anthropological Essence of Religion

II God as Being of Understanding
III God as Moral Being or Law
IV God as Love
V The Suffering God
VI The Trinity and Mother of God
VII The Logos and Divine Image
VIII The Cosmogonical Principle
IX Nature in God
X Creation out of Nothing
XI Creation in Judaism
XII The Mystery of Prayer
XIII Faith and the Miracle
XIV The Resurrection
XV The Personal God
XVI Christianity and Heathenism
XVII Celibacy and Monachism
XVIII Heaven & Immortality

Part II. The False or Theological Essence of Religion

XIX The Essential Standpoint of Religion
XX Contradiction in existence of God
XXI Contradiction in revelation of God
XXII Contradiction in the nature of God
XXIII The Speculative Doctrine of God
XXIV Contradiction in the Trinity
XXV Contradiction in the Sacraments
XXVI Faith & Love
XXVII Concluding Application