Wild Apples

Wild Apples by Jeanne Robert Foster

Wild Apples
Jeanne Robert Foster
(Julie Olliver)


J. B. Yeats, R.H.A.

When I am dead,—
Do I wish for beauty remembered for aye as a sun-bright gem
To coronal me through all the years with a deathless diadem?
Do I wish my name to be as a Master-Word,
Whispered wherever the awe and terror of power is stirred.
No, none of this,—
Neither beauty nor power,— for the groping hands of men
Will scatter my dust from its quiet place, and recreate me again.
No, only this,—
The sound of my singing voice, far-falling on alien seas,
Telling the strange, wild ways of the heart,— of life's full cup, and the lees,—
Heard at high noon
As a note that compassed the gamut of earth and sky,
That ran with the sweeping storm in the vault where the thunders die,—
Heard through the dawn,—
In the throat of the brown peewits and sparrows that build in the eaves,
In the hedge flower's bursting bud, and the trembling sound of the leaves.
Heard in the wind,—
With that unutterable sound of passionate breath,
The gasp of a quickened life when love goes down unto death.

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