Cipher 13

1. 1 = 10 Admission
2. cont.
3. H. describes PATHS threelightning flash
4. qoph. shin. tav.
5. from Malkuth to higher sphirut
6. H. explain pictures of
7. of Krubim
8. H. Altar has red cross inside triangleEarth Tablet
9. H. is the earth triangleEarth grade. Shews Earth tablet
10. as in old MSS.
11. H. fylfot cross is 17 squares out of 25
13. these are sol fire triangle air triangle water triangle earth triangle and Zodiacs
14. H. Quit temple
15. Neo. re-enters by IIII III I I I
16. H. addresses Neo.Dad. censes
17. H. before you is the laver of
19. it means waters of creation

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