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The Cipher Manuscript 1.2 = 9
2. K. as Anubis guides
3.Zel. goes with cubical cross and Banner of
5. Zel. Round hallAquarius
6. Hs. The Sphinx said I am the
8. H. stops Z. with mask of Osiris
9. K. & Z. Thou art air & sun I come
10.with aleph
11. H. signs Aquarius as man
12. Hs. I am Osiris
13. Hg. with mask of lion stops Z.
14. H. & Z. Thou art Leo I come with shin
15. Hg. signs Leo
16. Hs. passed throu gates of heaven
17.oh Lord of Truth
18. Hg. stops Z. with cup saying I as dark
19.of Eagle stop you
20.Mistress of water triangle and Sol are
21. you
21. Z. I come as mem

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