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The Cipher Manuscript 1.3 = 8
2. Closing
3. H. Guard the Temple
4. Let us adore the Lord and King of water triangle
5. H. Let Elohim Tzabaoth be praised
6. prayer of Undiens in old MSS
7. H. circleinvoking pentagram of passive spiritbanishing pentagram of active spiritbanishing air pentagram
8. H. & P. rt & may El bless you
9. H. Hs. Hg. I II
10. Advancement
11. H. Candidate is admitted with pyramids
12. Hg. His throne was flame & his wheels
13.were as fire triangle
14. H. Give sign and word
15. Can. swears secrecy by the Sun by staff
16.“Call water triangleWater to witness.”
17. H. Place Can. before path 31

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