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The Cipher Manuscript 1.Nought = Nought
2. Opening
3. All assemble & put on sashes, collars, lamans
4. H. / . Fratres & Sorores of this temple of the
5.Golden Dawn assist me to open in the
6.grade of neophyte
7. K. Hekas Hekas Esti Bebeloi
8. H. See to guarding & who is present
9. H. Who are the officers
10. Hs. They are H. Hr. & Hg. principal
11. H. What have these in common
12. Hs. The letter H emblem of breath & life
13. H. What other officers
14. Hs. Stolistes, Dadouches, & Kerux & a Sentinel
15.who is outside & armed
16. Dad. I am in the South with the sneser & am heat
17. Stol. I am in North with water & am cold & moisture
18. K. I am inside door. Arrange hall. I carry
19.lamp. Announce, report, & lead all circumambulations
20. Hi. I am between pillars & preside over
21.symbolic gate of occultism
22.I reconcile light & darkness
23.my white robe is purity I carry a
24.mitre headed sceptre = religion & a guide
25.& regulate life & guide higher aspirations
26.of soul

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